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Want the Famous Smokey Eye Look?

Kim Kardashian Famous Smokey EyeThe most famous smokey eye…

The diva who is known for her smokey eye makeup look, is Kim Kardashian. She is an American socialite, model, actress and famous television personality. She brought in the trend of smokey eyes and it has been followed ever since, by almost every female belonging to different classes. The reason why her makeup outshines the rest of the crowd is perfect blending. If the eye makeup is not blended well, then the entire makeup looks sloppy and the end result just appears to be careless.

How to get the look…

Start off by applying kohl pencil on the waterline of the eye and shut your eyes tight, such that the kohl spreads the waterline of the upper lid as well.  Then apply dark brown kohl pencil over the contour of the upper eye lid, try to keep it thick and it doesn’t matter if you are unable to apply it in one equal width – it will smudge any way. Then apply dark brown color, along with purple color over it and smudge it over the eye lid with a brush. Once that is done then applies gold shimmer on the lid, right above the crease. You may extend it till the brow bone. Start applying the gold shimmer from the outer edge of the eye, gradually bringing it inwards.

Give your eyes some shape…

After this, apply chocolate brown again at the outer edge of the eye – this gives in shape to the eye. Try to keep it to its edge only and don’t bring it inner edge of the eye – this will make the eyes look smaller. Then apply highlighter (could be white or silver) on the brow bone, this makes the eye more defined. The same highlighter color should then be applied inwards of the eye – making it appear more open and bright. Eye shadow should also be applied on the lower eye lid and the spread over powder should be cleaned with an angled sponge (this angled sponge will help in focus on a specific area). By doing so, the line under the eye gets defined.

Don’t forget your eye lashes…

Eye lashes curler can also be used for the lashes in order to give in a more natural affect, over fake lashes. Once the curler has been used, coats of mascara can come over it – depending on personal preference, you can create long and thick effect or thin and natural. To end it all black kohl pencil should again be used on the waterline of the eye and to give in a more natural look, it should also be applied over the upper eyelid contour (avoid liquid eye liner, softer the look the better). For final touch, use an eye brow pencil and draw over your eye brows to make it appear thicker.

This overall makeup is a trend setter, it is not like the traditional black smokey makeup and it is comparatively lighter and more natural. However, be sure to blend in the colors well otherwise you know about the disastrous result!


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