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Using Blue Eyeshadow

Blue Eyeshadow Smokey EyesThinking about blue eyeshadow?

Many of us might think we may resemble a circus clown after applying blue eyeshadow.  However, this is not entirely true, if you are able to blend in those vibrant colors on your eyelids then you will be able to bring in a very sleek blue eye shadow look, for those radiant eyes of yours.

Make it smokey

If you do not want to wear a simple blue eye shadow (or are not that sure about it), then you can go smokey with it. Start off by applying the primer over the eyes. There are two ways to this style of eye shadow application, you can go dark to light or vice versa. I will prefer you to go from light to dark, as you can correct the shade if it goes wrong. After the primer apply either silver or oyster bay blue. You can work will metallic range of blues, they will look elegant as well. So after the base color application, apply dodger blue over the eyelid – starting from the lash line till the crease of the eyelids.

Shades of blue

After applying the medium blue in your color palette (same as dodger blue, if this shade is unavailable, then select the medium tone in the respective palette), apply the darkest tone of blue available to you. It can be  navy blue or dark blue, apply these shades to the outer corner of the eye to bring in the shape of the eyes. Always remember to apply the darkest shade to the outer corner of the eyes.

Create the smokey effect

You may add in black, to further enhance the smokey effect. Black always highlights the color and it makes your color more prominent. Continue black on the contour of the lower lid, but only three quarters of it – you do not want your eyes to look small and dark. With this blue smokey eye makeup, you have to take in extra care for run downs. If the makeup melts and smudges over your face, then the entire effort will go to waste and you might end up looking like a monster.

Highlighting with silver

After you are done by applying darker shades of blue, you need to apply the highlighting color, try going with silver as it works flawlessly with blue. Use this color above the crease till the brow bone, this again will enhance your shades of blue and will make your eyes more noticeable.  You can top it up with a blue eye liner over the contour of the upper lid, if you have used black eye shadow just over the contour of the eyelids, then black eye liner might just work as well.

Complete the look

End your gorgeous makeup by adding a black Kohl pencil on the waterline of your eyes, this is to ensure that there are no white spots inside the eyes. After this you need to highlight the inner corner of the eyes either with white or silver, this will balance out the heavy tones of blue and will make your eyes appear brighter. The finale will be thick coats of  black mascara, if you do not use it then your eyes will look droopy, under that beautiful heavy smokey makeup!

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