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Tutorial for Hazel Eyes

Smokey Eyes Tutorial for Hazel EyesHazel eyes and their benefits

Hazel eyes have the most benefits over all the other eye colors. You can use a wide variety of color palettes, on these eyes. Greens, browns, pinks and purples work really well. On the other hand, colors like gold, bronze will just bring in a goddess effect. Except for blues, all the other colors compliment it.

Hues of pink

If you want to start off with the hues of pink, start off by applying a basic baby pink or a lighter tone over the eyes, for a base color (before beginning with the eye shadow, apply the primer/ eye shadow base – this will make the color stay for longer period and it will make the color appear brighter even). Then take up hot pink or a softer pink, this should be the medium shade in your palette, you might want to use it as a contouring color –highlight the shape of the eyeball.

Filling it in

Once you have done that all you need to do is start filling it in – always start from the outer contour and slowly bring it inwards. The last color will be the darkest shade on your palette, can be magenta (it is purplish pink) or could be the darkest shade of pink in your palette, you can even add dark gray or black, at the outer edge of the eye, to intensify the smokey look  . Use this on the outer contour in order to give the eye its shape. Last but not the least, are coats of mascara, black mascara just compliments the hazel eyes.

Hazel eyes and brown eyeshadow

The second color palette that is made for hazel eyes, is the brown combination. Nothing complements hazel eyes more than the colors of brown. In this palette you may add in gold, to really bring out a classic look. You may start off with a very neutral color, something like the sand color. Then start off by applying gold, on the eyelid till the crease. Once this is done, use chocolate brown starting from the outer contour of the eye and slowly bringing it inwards (this is a crucial stage this is the point where you are able to enhance your eyes, always start from the outer edge, as then you will know how much more the color is required to bring out a certain affect). You may add touches of black (but do not go overboard with it) again at the outer corner, to enhance the smokey look. Top it up with brown eyeliner and coats of black mascara.

Green shades for hazel eyes

The last but not the least color palette, is of greens. For this, you may start off by applying silver as an eye color base, to give in uniformity of to the entire eye. Then add leaf green to the eyelid (you may choose to use another medium toned green, available in your palette). After this, add in teal to the outer edge of the eye and bring it inwards, without picking up more color. You may also add in black, to intensify the smokey look. Top it up with good coats of mascara. Remember the beauty of eye makeup is enhanced, with prominent eyelashes.

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