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Tutorial for Green Eyes

Smokey Eyes Tutorial for Green EyesCompliment your green eyes

Green eyes go best with browns and gold, however you can even use green hues to highlight and compliment those eyes. Green eyes become a bit tricky, unlike brown and hazel eyes, they have a restrictive palette. You can even use purple and colors of plum to the eyes, however try to avoid the blue, few tones of pink and silver, for these eyes.

Smokey eyes for green eyes

For a smokey look, start off by applying primer over the eyelids, it is a smart decision to apply the foundation over the face after you are done with that smokey look. As it will become easier to clean any powder particles, over the cheeks or under the eyes. After the primer, apply the dew shade over the entire eyelid – this is to give in a uniform color to the eyelids.  After this apply dark green, starting off from the lash line till the crease of the eyes, you may go beyond the crease but please do not cover it up to the brow bone.

Enhance the shape

Then add in sea green, over the outer contour of the eyes. Start applying it on the edge and slowly bring it inwards, till the inner eye contour. You can also use in black – use it over the contour of the upper eyelid and gradually spread it upwards. To enhance this black shadow, apply black eyeliner over the lashes. To make the eyes appear longer always extend the eyeliner, away from the outer edge of the eyes. This will enhance the shape of the eyes and will make eyes appear larger.

Complete the eye shadow

You can end your eye shadow, by applying a highlighting color over the crease of the eyes till the brow bone. This can be white (as silver does not compliment the green eyes well), this will highlight the colors that have been applied for the smokey effect, making your eyes more prominent. Also this highlighter should be applied to the inner corner of the eyes, this will make the eyes appear open and brighter. It is not desirable to have a black crust forming over the tear duct of the eyes, so in order to avoid that do not use dark colors near the tear duct and apply light (white/silver) colors.

Finish the look

Finalize the look by applying black Kohl pencil on the waterline of the eyes, to ensure that there are no white spots remaining within the eyes (again don’t get too close to the tear duct). Also, eyeliner can be applied underneath the contour of the lower lid but only three quarters of it. After this just apply a thin line of sea green or dark green right underneath the eyeliner – you can go ahead with a shimmery green (leaf green) to further highlight the lower lash. Once this is done, you can simply finish your makeup with coats of black mascara. Now you can continue with the routine makeup by applying concealer and foundation. Do not go with bright lips with heavy eyes, it’s a basic thumb rule, as then there will be too much competition on your face (eyes vs. the lips).

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