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The perfect eye makeup for any evening would be the smokey, however, now the trend is changing. Now you can even wear it when hanging out with friends or going for shopping, the new look does not take up most of the time, it just takes couple of minutes of adding color and blending it properly. Many of the celebrities are seen wearing smokey eye make-up on the red carpet, but most of them go for more for natural tones, rather than bold grey to black tones. With this natural smokey eye make-up look, one can simply wear it and go anywhere.

How the celebs do it

Most of the celebrities wear tones of brown/ bronze to peach/orange tones over their eyes. This is the look they carry not only to premiers but also to charity functions, high social parties and gatherings. The beauty of this make up is that is comes in with no restrictions! It can be applied at any time – day or night and it will still look amazing.

Keira Knightley’s smokey eye

With celebrities like Keira Knightley, her eyes are fabulously dabbed with hues of brown. Starting off with the darkest tone of brown that is applied as an eye liner with a damp brush (the trick is to blink before the damp color dries out, this will give you a crease line over your eye lid, which can be used as a division line between colors). Then above the crease line till the brow bone, shade of brown which is 3 to 4 times lighter than the eye lid, is applied. This creates a contrast between the two, enhancing the eye contour. After the two colors have been blended skillfully (the tip to a good smokey make up, is to blend in the colors well, otherwise there will be disastrous effect!), silver/peach/white can be applied right below the lower lid, till the outer end of the eye. This enhances the eyes, makes it appear larger and brighter (also the lighter shade may be used to lighten up the dark circles below the eyes).

Other celebrity smokey eye looks

Another great celebrity look is to wear soft tones and add in brown or a touch of black to kick in the smokey affect. The makeup should be started off with applying a good foundation over the eyelids, which will prevent from ceases in forming. Then a layer of compact powder should be added (this allows the foundation to sit in and will make the shades appear brighter, as soft tones are being used which means the brighter the better). The second step will be to use peach over the eyes, from the lid to the brow bone. Then shades of brown should be applied, starting from outer corner and blending it inwards. You may add touches of black at the outer corner, but please do not cover the entire eyelid as it will defeat the purpose of natural smokey eyes. Then to top it all thick layers of mascara should be added (best application is to use to the mascara brush in a downward direction and then in an upward direction – creates a longer lash affect, if fake lashes are unavailable this is a good method of getting them for free). Eye liner is also a must, it just enhances the upper eye lid contour and the lower lid can be left natural just with a streak of bronze or peach eye shade.

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