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Smokey Eyes for Small EyesSmokey eyes do work for small eyes

People often believe that the smokey look can not be worn by small eyes. It is a misconception, obviously small eyes can also carry the seductive look but there are certain tips that need to be followed. Do not go with black shades, it will just make your eyes appear smaller, rather than enlarging it.

Bright colors help

When selecting a palette for small eyes, go for bright colors (depending on your eye color) in order to highlight those eyes. You can also go with brown palette, it is the best palette that will give you the desired smokey effect, without making your eyes really small. Start off by applying a primer over the eyelids and wait for it to set. Then apply powder over it, this tip will make those shades stand out better and will help the primer set in.

Apply a neutral color

After the primer, apply a neutral color over the entire eyelid to make it uniform. Then apply in a medium tone over the eyelids, till the crease of your eyes and in the end apply the darkest tone, in the palette. Start by applying it to the outer edge of the eyes and bringing it inwards slowly, without picking up more color on the applicator. This will make your eyes more prominent. Then apply black eyeliner over the contour of the upper lid ( you can smudge this black liner upwards and then apply black eye shadow –  the result will be a thick soft line, which will make the upper lid noticeable).

Careful with your eyeliner

Continue this eyeliner over the lower, lid but only three quarters because if you use eyeliner all around your eyes, you will make their small shape really prominent. Apply white eye pencil over the waterline of the eyes – this will give in more light to the eyes, making it appear lighter.  You can double this up by adding in the white eye shade on the inner corner of the eyes – again the eyes will appear more open and brighter.

Mascara is the key

Top the entire makeup up with really thick coats of mascara, both on the upper lash and the lower lash. Before, applying the mascara, curl up your eye lashes, this will highlight those lashes around the eye and then apply good coats of it. Mascara really changes the entire look and really makes the eye pop.

Further enhancements

To further enhance the small eyes, make sure that the eyebrow is well plucked, tweezed or waxed, as this will give in more space to your eyes. Always remember more the space over those eyes, the larger they will appear. However, do not trim your eyebrows to a really thin line (it is not that pleasing). You can leave the the inner part of the eye brow thick and create an arch for the remaining part. This will frame the eyes. You can top it u with adding brown powder over the eyebrows, to make it appear dense. This will further highlight your eyes and make it appear larger.

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