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how to apply smokey eyeshadow for brown eyesSmokey eye shadow is a divine look to carry and it can be worn to any occasion without thinking twice. This effect always looks good for any dress, any skin tone and hair. You may go for the traditional black smokey look or you may create your own – with color. Blue, green, purple and brown smokey work just as well.

For the smokey effect, you need to select palette with intense colors, so that it helps highlight the eyes. Black smokey eye never goes wrong for anyone and it’s one you never have to worry about applying too much.

Start off by applying a good eye primer – this is a color less base which will help the eye makeup set for long hours without creasing. After this select your palate, in the traditional black go for silver and shimmery black to dark grey. First apply silver to the entire eye lid this will give in a uniform color to work with.

Then apply an extreme dilute layer of aqua liner – this comes in a compact form and is diluted in with water. Apply this to the eyelid, starting from the lash line till the crease; you must dilute it further over the crease line, as you do not want a harsh line over the crease. Then apply dark grey or black depending on your palette selection, over the eye lids. You may start off from the outer edge of the eye and slowly bring it inwards. This will create an intense look. Apply silver to the inner corner of the eye, this will lighten the eye makeup and will make it appear it open and bright. Also, apply the silver color over the lower lash line of the eye. Never apply dark shade over the inner corner of the eye – this will make your eyes appear smaller.

You may extend the black eye shadow over the contour of the lower lash, but this must be done till only three quarters of the eye. Apply kohl to the waterline of the eyes; this is to ensure there are no white spot on the waterline. After this, apply the eyeliner, always extend the eyeliner away from the eyes contour – this will make the eyes appear longer. Always remember, it is not necessary to have that perfect eyeliner in your makeup – a smudge liner look is far sexier then that plain, boring line. Complete the eye makeup with good coats of mascara, you may use a fake lash to further intensify the look, but for those who do not want to go for it, they can easily use an eyelash curler.  After curling up the lashes, apply two to three coats of mascara. Between the applications there should be a few seconds gap so that the coats dry well, before the next application.

When working with smokey makeup, you need to go with nude lips, as then only the entire focus will be on those eyes. However, of you do work with a bright color for the lips, then there will be two strong forces countering each other – this will end up giving an extremely heavy look – this is something you really do not want. Always apply enough makeup to make you look beautiful, never go over the board with makeup as then you can easily resemble a clown, if you are unable to pull it off.

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