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Smokey Eye Shadow for Asian EyesAsian eyes are bit challenging, when it comes to making them appear more open and longer. However, if you know how to work with the colors for these eyes, then it should not be a problem. If you do want to create smokey look, then first you need to have a nice palette at hand. Go for shimmery colors, so that it just highlights those eyes – remember matte will just make your eyes appear smaller and not much focus will be on them then.

Create an illusion

Asians have hooded eyes and for this, illusion need to be created of the crease line, to make it appear longer. Start off with the basic primer over those eyes, after this let it dry. Apply a thin layer of compact powder over it (be sure to use a tone that is of your complexion) this will help the primer set in. If you do not want to apply the compact powder layer, then you can apply a nude eye shadow color over those eyes.

Go for mid to light shades

When going for a smokey eye look over Asian eyes, try to stay away from too dark tones – shades that are closer to black will just end up making those eyes really small. Try going for mid shades to light shades. After applying the nude color, select your palette. It is preferable to go for the palette which suits your eye color, usually the Asian eyes are black to brown, so a good smoky palette could be the classic greys, browns or you could even go for greens or blues.

If going for the grey palette, start off with a shimmery light grey base color and apply it over the entire eyelid, starting from the lash line till the brow bone. After this, start applying a mid-tone grey (you could go matt or shimmery – personal choice) over the lid, starting from the lash line till the crease. In hooded eyes, the eyelid goes behind the crease and the applied eye shadow does not become apparent, for this you should go with the mid tone over the crease line. This will give an illusion of the eyes appearing larger. Also, extend this crease line outwards, to again make the eyes appear longer.

Complete the look with gel eyeliner

Complete it up by adding gel eyeliner over the upper eyelid contour and then use dark grey eye shadow to blend the liner upwards. You need to diffuse it well, for the ultimate smoky affect. End your makeup by applying a black liner, over the contour of the upper eyelids and the lower eye lids. You should extend it away from the eyes, to make it more prominent.

Tips for Asian eyes

There are few tips for Asian eyes, when applying the eyeliner underneath the eyes, always go three quarter of the eyes, you don’t need to line it completely – this will make your eyes appear small. Also after applying the highlighting color over the brow bone, apply the same color over the inner corner of the eyes; this will make those eyes look bright and open. Finish off your makeup with two to three coats of mascara (never skip the mascara), first apply it in a downward direction and then in an upward direction this will give in a false lash effect and to further intensify the look, use an eyelash curler before the mascara.

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