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MAC Makeup Brushes

mac makeup brushesMAC is famous for the quality of its products, it sells in wide variety ranging from makeup (quite popular for its remarkable eye shadow palette – the colors are just mouthwatering and most of it is like a must have) to lipstick (oh yes the beautiful shades that are out there by MAC, which you would love to wear each day on your lips, makes you just want use up your credit card for all of it) to brushes (MAC manufactures its brushes from authentic fibers, it makes sure that none of its brushes are manufactured from slaughtered animal skins – it uses trimmed animal hair from live ones). Although in the collection of brushes, there are few synthetic fibered but the results are the same as the non-synthetic ones.

MAC brushes are really soft and you can easily get a wide variety of makeup brushes – it also provides you will brush cleanser, which helps to clean, disinfect and condition the brushes. So now you can pamper those brushes even, which work hard to make you look glamorous. Although you would want to buy all the brushes and make your own ultimate MAC collection – however, what gets to you is the PRICE! MAC is not cheap at all, so before even purchasing a single brush, you might end up thinking twice.

The 134 Large powder brush will cost you around $62.50, 210 precise eyeliner brush is of $22.50, the 195 concealer brush is of $27.50, 204 lash brush is for $16.50 and the rest of the brushes price range in the similar manner – lash brush is the cheapest brush with the large powder brush being the most expensive one, in MAC collection.

You can purchase these brushes online, but you need to be sure of the authenticity of these brushes. Many people are being scammed by fake MAC brushes, as what happens is that these fake brushes go online with very cheap prices, which attract people easily who are in love with MAC products. These cheap brushes are manufactured in China and are of not that good quality. You can get hold of these fake brushed on eBay mostly. There are few tips available, with help of which you can spot the fake ones out online.

These fake ones will always come with plastic brush guard, real MAC brushes do not provide that.  The packing of these brushes gives you another clue to spot the fake ones; the real package comes in a plastic sleeve with a bar code on it, whereas the fake ones come in a clear plastic sleeve WITHOUT the bar code. The design of the brushes will also make a difference, the real MAC is designed to have black wooden handle with silver neck and the fake ones will have some other hard material which will be painted black. The price will be the biggest clue; you cannot just sell a $ 50 brush for $5 to $10, unless it is being sold off from the seller’s personal collection.

In order to protect yourself from such scams, always check the seller’s history in selling MAC brushes, one cannot just sell MAC brushes in bulk and at the same rate, it will just suggest that something is wrong there. You need to be really smart when purchasing online, as it is your cash you will be spending and you do not want to spend it on the wrong purchase. You can always go for alternate drugstore brands, which do provide good quality brushes at really cheap prices.


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