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L’oreal Eyeshadow 904 Smokey Eyes Wear Infinite .16 Oz

L'oreal Eye Shadow 904 Smokey Eyes Wear-Infinite .16 Oz

4 easy steps

You want to go out with that smoky look, but you’re not sure how to get it without creating a mess… well then the L’oreal Eye Shadow 904 Smokey Eyes Wear Infinite is for you. It has guided numbered steps, written over the shade. There are four shades, each shade darker than the previous one, giving you the perfect guide. However, do not begin with this without a primer, as there are chances for this makeup to crease.

4 shades, one pack

The pack is available at $7 to $8. The same guided packing is available in other colors as well like, L’Oreal Wear Infinite Studio Secrets Eye shadow Quad for Brown Eyes- Forest Light, L’Oreal Wear Infinite Studio Secrets Eye shadow Quad, Subtle Berries 504 – Matte Perle Rich and other glamorous shades. One benefit of this packing is that all four shades are available in one pack, so you don’t have to go ahead and buy different shades, for that glamorous smoky look.

A great buy

Although, there have been few complaints regarding the colors not being too dramatic and the colors creasing after few hours wear – the solution is a primer. Also, people have said that the shade is not that long lasting and few have found difficulty in blending the colors, for that beautiful look. Couple even complained about the packaging being cheap and easily breakable, which has been fixed now by the company. However, the majority has loved it and would love to buy it again. Over all it is a 3.5 star out of 5 rating.

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