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Best MAC Eyeshadow Colors

MAC is a great company for eye shadows, the colors vary from matte to velvet to frost to shimmery. They provide a wide palette to work with. For any eye shadow collection, there are certain colors that are a must have like black, brown, gold, bronze and copper and rest of the colors will depend on your skin tone, eye color and hair color.

mac carbon

Carbon by MAC is a must have it gives out a matte effect, essential for that ultimate smoky look.

mac goldmine

Goldmine gives in a shimmery effect with highlights of gold, the effect is frost.

mac vanilla

Vanilla gives in the highlight to the eye makeup; it is peachy ivory which has shimmer.

mac patina

Patina is good shade for ladies who love to party it out, is it taupe brown with golden pearl – gives in quite an antique effect.

mac lucky green

Lucky green works for green, hazel, brown eyes, it has yellow base along with green and gold shimmer.

For all the working ladies, these shades work really well:

mac soft brown

Soft brown – this is matte brown, good for that natural look.

mac rice paper

Rice paper – it has pale yellow gold, you can easily apply it without worrying that you will end up having too much on.

mac wedge

Wedge – again this is a matte brown shade, which is good for those days where you do not feel doing too much to those eyes.

mac flashtrack

For party mode flashtrack with its midnight blue along with its silver affect works really well.

mac satellite dreams

Satellite dreams gives in a rich plum color with blue / violet shimmer.

mac expensive pink

Expensive pink highlights the shimmer of gold in it – good for evenings out.

mac humid

Humid gives in beautiful green with traces of shimmer – again gets the party mode going on.

mac silver ring

Silver ring can be an addition to the smoky look with its grey tones along with silver addition.

MAC has a wide shade palette from which colors can be selected. However, the above mentioned are few of the popular choices of the beauties that have become MAC fans after applying these shades. Generally, MAC colors are really smooth to apply and they stay for long hours without creasing. The only problem is that, with certain shades they become pricey. So when you are selecting a MAC color, you have to be certain of the color that you want, as you cannot throw your money away if you have a smaller budget.

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