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Almay Intense i-Color Smoky-i Kit

Almay Intense i-Color Smoky i-Kit

Three in one

The Almay Intense i-color Smoky-i Kit is a trio set. It comes with three colors of eye makeup; the base color, the medium color used over the eye lid and the dark contouring color. There are different options in this kit, so choose the ones you feel will go best with your eyes.

Perfect for daily use

This kit gives a very subtle smokey effect, it is good for daily use – can be worn in the day and in the night. The kit’s price ranges from $4 to $10.  It is not that pricey and the affect is more towards a natural feel.

Consumer experiences

Overall the reviews of this kit are good, however, one of the problems that was faced by a consumer, was that she could not use it with any other brush and that she had to use the applicator that was provided with it (this should not be that big of a problem, as the applicator itself is provided for the user’s convenience). Although, someone also complained about the fact that the colors did not blend well and were not dark enough, as the purchaser was looking for a more dramatic smokey eye look.

Perks of the kit

The good part about this kit is that it comes with the three different shades, in a compact form of an eye, guiding a beginner where to apply what color. Over all it becomes a fool-proof makeup and you can never go wrong with it. It is a 4 out of 5 star product, people who have bought it would love to go for it again.

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