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Wet Eyeshadow

How to Apply Wet EyeshadowWith wet eye shadow, the colors come out to be more intense. So those colors, which might have disappointed you due to dull results, can be solved with the help of a wet brush. With wet eye shadow application, the blending of the eye shadow becomes extremely tricky. You need to build it up in layers, as the pigment gets bind together.

Clean up and get ready

To begin, cleanse your face thoroughly (you must ensure that your face is clean before you start with ANY makeup, if you do not do so then there is a possibility that your pores get clogged by dirt and bacteria – the result? ….acne), after this apply a good moisturizer (you don’t want your makeup cracking up). Once these basic procedures are done, start off with the primer (this is an eye shadow base, which is really necessary if you really want those colors to get enhanced, over your eyelids) or if it is unavailable, then you may use face foundation or concealer.

Starting your wet eyeshadow

After this, you are all ready to start off your makeup. For wet eye shadow, just dip the brush in water (you should have either running water or clean water in a container), remove the excess water by rubbing your brush gently over a facial tissue. You want your brush to be damp, not extremely wet. You should also select your palette accordingly; some of the colors might not be well applied, when wet. You have to check the labels of your eyeshadows, before starting off. If it says apply dry or wet, then those should be your selection, otherwise the pigments will just crack after drying – if it is not meant to be applied wet.

Applying the eyeshadow

Once your eyeshadow colors have been chosen, start applying it over the eye lid. Here also, the basic eye shadow rules will apply, use the darkest color in the palette, over the outer edge of the eyes, use the lightest color over the brow bone. You have to build the eye makeup in layers and then blend it. Always remember to wash the previous color off before applying a new color, if you don’t you will end up making a rainbow. Although a lot of patience will be required for blending, as it will not be as easy as it is with dry eyeshadow.

Finish up with eyeliner

Once you have successfully blended in the colors and managed to achieve really vibrant shades, that you always wanted, it is now time for the eye liner. For this you may use an eyeliner pencil, however it may seem a bit dull against all those vibrant hues, you might then want to either use a gel liner or an aqua liner. Try to apply it thick and dark – to make your eyes pop. You may also use colored liners, to complement those vibrant colors. Top your beautiful eyes with thick coats of black mascara. Always apply it in more than one coat, the lashes this way will be thickened and will make those gorgeous eyes of yours more prominent.


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