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Tips for Blonde Hair

eyeshadow tips for blonde hairChoose the right palette

For blonde hair, it is essential to go easy on the color palette. You already have light hair and anything dark on your eyes, will not really compliment the hair, but will make it appear overdone. For any matching makeup, it is necessary to get the colors which go with your  eyes, along with your hair. General shades for eye colors: brown, copper and gold work for almost all the eye colors, so it becomes that safest color palette to go for.

Your complexion matters

Generally, shades of gold, copper, brown, certain shades of pink and purple can work for blonde hair. However, the complexion will also determine which shade you can choose. If you are fair skinned then go for lighter shades, so that the entire makeup looks natural for a daily wear, but you can go dramatic with it any time of the day, depending on the occasion. Similarly, if you have a nice tan, then you can go for gold and copper as these two colors shine on tan skin and look gorgeous.

Dirty blonde or strawberry blonde

Your hair color works in the same way as your complexion, if you have darker tone like strawberry blonde then of course go for shades like pink, purple, browns. These will complement the hair color. Similarly, if you have dirty blonde, then go for lighter shades of browns, perhaps a champagne color with gold or rust added – this will definitely compliment the hair tone.

Your eye color

Selecting makeup is not that complicated your need to just look at three things, your eye color, complexion and you hair color. What mostly matters is the eye color; like mentioned before, blues should not be paired with greens. Blue eye color works really well with blue itself, however, not many can pull off this bold eye makeup. You may want to go for more subtle tones of pink, copper, gold and even silver for that matter. For greens eyes, browns work really well, it is like match made in heaven, but of course other colors will be shades of pink and certain shades of purple – it will highlight the greens.

Brown eyes and blonde hair

If you have brown eye color, then you are blessed, because these eyes can pull off any shade.  Whether it is green, blue, purple, pink, gold or silver – you just need to choose the right color, according to your skin tone. You could work with plum, copper or gold to highlight the eyes and bring out the color.

Hazel eyes and blonde hair

Hazel color also works well with most of the colors, it acts like brown eyes but the shade is more seductive, again brown and copper work really well and you can go for pinks and purple for these eyes, but before that check it out with your hair color, if the hair color is light blonde then stick with the browns and the copper. Otherwise, yes pink and purple is your match made in heaven!

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