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Purple Eyeshadow

How To Apply Purple EyeshadowChoosing the right purple for your eye color

For blue to green to brown eyes, purple eye shadow works really well. This color compliments the natural eye color and makes the color more prominent. With purple, you can hardly go wrong; you just need to know the right palette – according to your complexion.

Always start with three colors

Remember, always start with three colors for the eye makeup and these colors should belong to the same family. Here, purple is being used, so the palette may consist of violet, magenta and tyrian purple. These shades are just to tell you, that your selection should consist of one extremely light shade, one medium shade and one darkest shade. By using these three colors, you will be able to highlight your eyes well.

Start with primer or eyeshadow

Begin with applying primer or eyeshadow base over the eyes; in case it is unavailable then you can use a concealer or a face foundation over the eyes. Once base has been applied, let it dry. After that, dab a thin layer of compact powder over the eyes, this will set in the base and will make the colors appear brighter. After this start off with the lightest shade, which in this case is violet (you may change the base color, but be sure to keep it the lightest shade), start from the lash line till the brow bone. Apply it on the entire eye lid, in order to give in a uniform eye color.

Apply a medium shade

Then apply the medium shade from the palette, here it is magenta. You may start applying it from the lash line till the crease of the eyelid. This will highlight the eye lid. After this apply the darkest shade- tyrian purple, you should start by applying it on the outer edge of the eye and gradually bring it inwards – without picking up more color on the applicator. Either you can go with the previous mentioned method or you may just apply the darkest color, over the contour of the upper eyelid and then slowly blend it upwards.

Applying the lightest shade

To top it off, apply the lightest color (violet) on the inner corner of the eyes, this will make the eyes appear brighter and more open – this a great tip for those ladies who believe their eyes are small. Always apply the lightest shade (you could go with silver too) on the inner corner and on the contour of the lower lid. You may use black kohl pencil on the waterline of the eyes, in order to ensure no white spots are left inside. After this, use good eyeliner over the eyes. Start off with the upper eye lid and extend it 1/4th of inch away from the eyes to make it appear longer. Finish up the eye liner, by applying it downwards (lower lid contour), as well but only till three quarters of your eyes.

Finishing the look

Finish the makeup with thick coats of black mascara. Never skip on the mascara as it really makes your eye prominent. Start applying it downwards first and then upwards. Here you go, now you have beautiful, sexy purple eye makeup for those amazing, blue/brown/green eyes.


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