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Purple Eyeshadow with Brown Eyes

how to wear purple eyeshadow with brown eyesPurple is good palette to work with, if it is applied well it can look really decent. The color selection of the palette needs to be done wisely, as otherwise the eye makeup can easily look dulled out after application. Brown eyes can carry purple shade without much of a problem; you just need to refer to your complexion and hair color in order to see if the color goes well with your combination of the skin and hair.

Always start off by cleansing the eye area first, as you do not want oil and dirt to mingle with your eye makeup. After this, apply a good moisturizer over the eyelids that will not be oily over the eyelids but will hydrate them – you do not want cracked skin underneath the makeup. After this, apply primer, this is eye makeup base which is color less. Remember to apply foundation to the entire face after you are done with the eye makeup, as there will be particles that will deposit over the cheeks and if you apply foundation, prior to the eye makeup application then it will be difficult to get rid of these particles, without removing half of the foundation.

When selecting any palette, always select it in three shades, here we are working with purple so go for violet, magenta and Tyrian purple.  Start by applying violet over the entire eye lids, this will create a uniform color to work with. This color must start from the lash line till the brow bone. After this, apply the second color (magenta) which is supposed to be applied, starting from the lash line till the crease of the eye lid – this will create depth to the eyes. Blend out the two layers right over the crease of the eye lid, as you do not want extremely harsh lines in the eye makeup.

After the blending, apply the last eye color (Tyrian purple), starting from the outer contour of the eye lid. Blend this color inwards – without picking up more color on the applicator. If you are going for a smoky effect, then you may add in a bit of black to your makeup to bring out that feel. Once the eye color application has ended, remove the excess of eye makeup particles that may have fallen over the cheeks and under eye – always use a thick brush to brush off the excess, you need to be really gentle with it. The remaining particles should then just be removed with an eye makeup remover.

Complete your eye makeup with an eye liner, you can go for the beautiful black but if it is a daytime even try to skip on that, as it might end up looking too harsh for the day. Apply two to three coats of mascara, first curl up those lashes and then apply the coats, you must wait few seconds before the next coat, as it needs to dry well between applications. Never skip on the mascara – this will make your eyes appear open and prominent.

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