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Purple Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

how to apply purple eyeshadow for hazel eyesSo many choices

Hazel eyes are ideal eyes to have — these eyes reflect the color the person is wearing. It’s reflection ranges from blue to green to grey blue to grey green, this gives an upper hand as almost all the color palettes can work best for these eyes. Blues to greens to pinks to purples to gold work really well. If you are going for more of a day wear, then go for purples and pinks – these will give you funky shades to work with for a day time party.

Starting off your look

Begin with either eye shadow base or a primer – you can choose from either, both will have the same results. The eye shadow base will have a certain shade with it and the primer will be colorless base, which can be easily applied over the eyes. After the base application, allow it to set – once this is done, select three shades off the purple palette, you can select violet, magenta and dark purple. Apply violet over the entire eyes – this will give in a uniform color to work on, start off from the lash line till the brow bone.

Add some more color

After violet, apply magenta, this is not a completely purple shade, this has tones of pink in it — which really works well with hazel eyes. Apply magenta over the eyelids, starting from the lash line till the crease of the eyes. Take up a blending brush and blend in both of the colors really well, especially over the crease line. Apply the third color – dark purple, starting from the outer edge of the eyes and slowly bring it inwards, blending it.

More blending

You can even apply the last color over the contour of the upper eyelash and blend it upwards. After this apply eyeliner over the upper eyelid and on the lower eyelid. Always apply eyeliner till the three quarters of the eyes, starting from the outer edge. Also, extend the eyeliner away from the outer edge, this will create depth to the eyes and will make them appear longer. Finish off the makeup with application of mascara. Curl up the lashes with an eye lash curler and then apply the mascara.

Black mascara is best

Always go for black mascara, as it will enhance the makeup and will make the eyes appear open and prominent. When going for eyeliner, you can easily experiment with color, especially at day time it is essential not to wear dark liner, as it will bring out an extreme harsh effect over the eyes and might make the eyes look smaller and unnatural. You can alternate it with brown, blue or green eyeliner, it will work equally well. Also, apply the base color over the inner corner of the eyes, this will make the entire makeup appear light and will make the eyes appear open and fresh.

Girls who have small eyes should never skip on the mascara and should always go for colored eye liner during the day time, as usage of black can easily make their eyes appear smaller than what they actually are.

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