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Properly Applying Eyeshadow

How to Properly Apply EyeshadowEyeshadow tips and tricks

As a beginner to make up, one would want to play safe and create ‘easy to handle’ looks. Applying good makeup is a skill, which gets polished with practice. The most difficult level of makeup is beautifying the eyes, if one masters this art then the entire make up becomes really easy. Eye makeup has few tricks to it and all one needs to do it to understand and apply them properly.

Transform your look

Beauties that have been into this makeup world, can relate to the fact that eye shadow is best friends with the face. Simply by choosing shadow colors, you can easily transform your entire look. If neutral colors are chosen then the look becomes more natural- day to day casual wear, on the other hand if bold colors are chosen, then one can simply get a ravishing cocktail party look!

Using an eye shadow base

Before starting the makeup primer, eye shadow base should be applied (this product is a neat invention, it helps the color stay for longer hours and keep the color on the skin appear bright – yes girls now you can wear your shadow for longer hours without worrying about it wearing off). If primer is unavailable, then alternates can be used like face foundation or a concealer, it works almost the same as the primer.

Choosing your eyeshadow color palette

After the primer, foundation and concealer have dried, chose your color palette- it should be in three colors; light, medium and dark. Start off by applying the lightest color in your eye shadow combo first. For example; if we are using rust, silver and chocolate brown, then silver should be applied first. It should be applied to the entire eye, starting from the contour of upper eyelid to the brow bone. This will give in a uniform color to the eye lid, and then rust should be added. Color application should always start from the outer edge of the eye, slowly brought inwards (tip: try to keep the inner end of the eye extremely light, apply white or peach color if during application it has gone dark. This makes the eye appear larger and brighter).

Adding the final color

Once the above steps have been followed, the final color should be added – this is the darkest shade in the selected palette (in this case its chocolate brown).  This shade should be applied on the upper lid contour and with help of a brush it should be blended upwards. This will create a soft look for the eye lids. If smokey look is required then you may add black or replace chocolate brown with it.

Complete your look with some eyeliner

For final touch up, eye liner should be applied (you may apply a thick or a thin line, depending on your preference and the type of look you want to create), liquid eyeliner do work but aqua liners or gel liners give in best results. For cherry on the top – mascara, again with this you can go in with false lash effect or simple light wear (always wear water proof mascara as humidity will make it melt, which will smudge over the face). Also, you can add a streak of your lightest shade of the pallet, on the contour of the bottom lid; this will again lighten up your eyes making it appear brighter.

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