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Perfectly Blend Your Eyeshadow

How to Blend EyeshadowUsing the right tools

The perfect makeup is has brilliant, blended colors. A simple blending can change the entire look of the eye shadow. You always need to know when to stop your eye makeup, without making it look – overdone! Good blending tools are brushes; some might suggest the use of applicators instead, as it does not spread the eye shade particles, all over the face like the brushes do, and however it is a small price against a good blended eye makeup. After all the spread over particles can easily be cleaned once you are done with the eye makeup, simply by an eye makeup remover.

The tools are really important; you should have a variety of brushes. You should have a thick eye makeup brush for application of the base color – this will give in better blending and will spread out the shade better. Then for the medium tone application, use the eye shading brush – this is thinner and when focusing on smaller areas go for thinner brushes. For the darkest tone application, use pencil brush – this is to apply the shade over the upper contour of the eyes. Then you can use the blending brush to blend this dark shade upwards.

Blending your eyeshadow

Also blend in the medium shade over the crease, in order to ensure that no harsh lines are present. Use a thick blending brush for it. For eyeliner application, if you are going for a gel liner or an aqua liner, then use an angled bush. This will create a thin line, with a good edge. Eye liner should always be extended outwards from the eyes, for this the angles brush works beautifully.

Quality tools, quality look

Always remember to invest in good brushes… have a good brush is as important as having good eye shadows. If you don’t have tools to practice with, then you will never be able to master the art of makeup. Also, for any loose powder that gets deposited over the cheeks, simply take a big fat brush (which you normally use to blend out the blush) and simply brush it off. Never try to rub out the particles, this will get the particles deposited over the cheeks and you will end up having a raccoon effect.

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