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Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial For All Eye Colors

Natural Eye MakeupA natural look always works

A natural eye makeup look is great anywhere and anytime. It works well with almost all the eye colors. You don’t need to be dramatic with these colors. You just need to pick neutral colors like either browns or greys. It is wise to go for really light shades, for this natural look and do not go too heavy with that black mascara.

Starting off

You may want to begin with a primer base; this will bring out those lovely shades. Also for face foundation, go for the shade that is exactly your skin tone, this will add on to the natural look. After the primer, apply champagne color over the eyes, you can go a bit shimmery with the shades but not too much, as then the purpose of the natural look will be defeated. After this you may apply a really light shade of brown, just over the eye lid starting from the lash line till the crease of the eyes.  You can end the makeup by adding shade of chocolate brown, just over the outer edge and slowly bring it inwards. Keep the color very light, when working with chocolate brown – again you want a natural look, too much brown will make it look over done.

Using your eyeliner

Complete the makeup with brown eyeliner pencil, over the upper eye lid and on the lower eye lid. After application smudge it with help of a brush, to further enhance the soft look. When applying the eye liner over the lower eye lids, apply it only till the two-thirds of your eyes. To enrich this look further, you may apply white or cream eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyes; this will make the eyes appear brighter and more open.

Finishing your natural look

You can use silver just over the inner eyelids, but it may counter the look you want to wear. Once you are done applying the eye makeup, finish it off with mascara. First curl it up with an eyelash curler, so that you do not need to apply coats of mascara to get the same effect. Do not go for false lashes; as again it will negate the look, after curling the lashes, apply the mascara. You can apply black or brown kohl pencil on the waterline of the eyes. This is to ensure, that no white spots are left inside the eyes, but you can avoid it if you want to. However, do not skip the mascara or the eyeliner; if you do skip it then you will simply be taking life out of your makeup!

It is an extremely easy look to carry and you really do not need to worry — just go for really light shades, so that it does not look heavy after you apply it.

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