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Liquid Eyeshadow

How to Apply Liquid EyeshadowPerks of liquid eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows are a good medium to work with; they give off quite vibrant colors. However, you need good amount of practice to master the skill of applying it. You could go with a powder eye shadow, which will need water for mixing or you can use liquid eyeshadow itself. As it is liquid, it will stay on for longer hours, without dulling out.

Test the color before you buy it

When picking out a shade, do not go for the color that you see in the bottle. Always check out the tester, before purchasing, as the color that you will get after the shade dries will be of different color, than the color the bottle is suggesting. If it is a lighter shade, after drying it will go dark and if it is a darker shade then after drying it go lighter. You might want to start off with eye makeup primer, just to ensure that creases don’t appear later in the day, although the liquid eye shadow will not allow creases to form, but as they say; better be safe than sorry.

Applying your liquid eyeshadow

After the primer, apply the first base shade, this will be the lightest shade the you apply. After this apply the medium shade, starting from the lash line till the crease of the eyelid. This will enhance the eyelid. Then you can add in the darkest shade from the palette, over the liquid eye shadow. Now you must be wondering that when you should be blending in the colors…. Well after you have applied the base color along with the second medium color, take your brush and damp it up, do not allow excess water to be on the brush, otherwise your eyeshadow will drip down your cheeks, creating streak lines.

Blending the colors

With the damp brush, you should begin blending in the colors. Try to blend in any sharp line that has appeared during application. Always remember the tip for really good eye makeup, is perfect blending. After these two blended colors, apply in the darkest shade in the palette, now if you are skeptical about blending in the darkest shade and you might believe you will end up making the makeup look too dark, by adding in the too much of the dark shade, then you can play it safe with powder eye shadow as well and apply that instead. However, if you just apply it dry, and then it will look dull against those vibrant layers, try using a damp brush and pick the color off using this brush and then apply with it.

Finishing your look

You can finish off the makeup by applying liquid eyeliner. You can experiment with the eyeliner as well, no need to go for the traditional black unless you want to. The finale will obviously be of mascara. First curls up those eye lashes and then apply good coats of mascara over it. This will make your eyes more prominent. Also you may add in a highlighting color over the brow bone and use the same color underneath the lower eye lid, mainly on the inner side of the eye. This will make your eyes appear open, fresh and bright – complementing those vibrant colors.


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