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Hazel Eyes and Brown Hair

Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes and Brown HairBeautiful hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are a beautiful color for eyes and the best part about these eyes are that they change colors, it reflects the color that one is wearing and also at times it changes with the mood of the person. It is beneficial and tricky, all at the same time. The palettes that work really well with these eyes are greens, browns, purple, pink, bronze, copper and gold. Depending on your complexion, you can choose your own color palette. Girls who are fair skinned, cannot really go with really dark palette at all times, they should experiment more with the shades of pink and purple.

Dark skin and hazel eyes

Similarly, dark skinned girls can work more with the darker palettes, however, for chocolate a complexion, browns should be omitted, as it will just blend in with the skin tone. The makeup should always be done to enhance the features, not to just make everything blend in. Bronze, copper and gold can work wonders on the eye makeup. If working with the brown palette, be sure to add in copper and gold – this will just transform your makeup from the girl next door to a diva.

Brown hair and hazel eyes

Brown hair also helps when you have hazel eyes. It is a general rule to go with the color palette that works really well with your hair color. It is best to go for the complementary color with your hair (complementary colors are the colors that are present right opposite a particular color in a color wheel, like purple is a complementary color of yellow). Complementary colors work really well and it just enhances the entire look, along with your features. With brown hair, you can go with almost all colors (again see your skin tone, before selecting most of the colors) like greens, pink, purple, browns, however, when working with hazel eyes, try to avoid using blues. This particular palette only does not enhance the eye color, it dulls it out, but if you really want to go with this palette then go for a more rich color of midnight or navy blue and try to work with that.

Applying your makeup

Before beginning your makeup, you should apply primer – this is a colorless base which is extremely necessary for those long hours makeup, stay without creasing.  Eye makeup should always be applied in three colors, the lightest shade, the medium color and the darkest one. After the primer, allow it to set and apply the lightest shade to the entire eye area, this gives out uniform color to the region. The medium shade should be then applied, starting from the upper lash line till the crease of the eyes. This will give in depth to the eye, with overlapping of two colors

The last color, will be the darkest tone, this should be applied to the outer corner of the eyes and slowly brought inwards. Again this will create depth and will make the eyes appear longer. Finish off the makeup with good coats of mascara, apply it downwards first and then upwards, this will create a false lash affect. You should also use an eyeliner, try to use brown over black, as black will end up giving a really harsh affect. You can go for black in the evening, in order to finish your smokey look, but for daytime try to avoid it and if the black runs during the day due to heat, then you will end up looking like a hot mess!

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