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Hazel Eyes and Blonde Hair

eyeshadow for hazel eyes and blonde hairMany palettes to choose from

The palettes that work brilliantly for hazel eyes are pink, purple, browns, bronze, copper, green and gold. The interesting part about hazel eyes is that they change color as the iris of the eyes contain pigments of greens, browns, greys and few traces of blue. This way you can work with a large palette and not get restricted to few. Apart from blues, you can experiment with almost all the colors. Blue just generally dulls out the eye color, rather than enhancing it.

Your hair and skin tone

When choosing a color palette, it is necessary to keep your hair and skin tone in mind. Generally, girls who have a darker skin tone should go for shades of brown, greens and purple, as these palettes will work with their complexion. However, girls who have really dark complexion should try to stay away from the browns, as it will just end up getting blended in.  The alternate would be to go for metallic or shimmery shades, which will just bring out those beautiful eyes. The hair color also works in the same way. The darker is your hair color, the more you can experiment with palette of darker shades, as it will complement the hair color. If you have a lighter hair color, then try to stick to lighter color palette, as you do not want the eye makeup screaming on your face.

Blonde hair and hazel eyes

Blondes should go for shades of pink, green, bronze, browns and gold. These palettes will be light and divine. Brown works beautifully as well, if you want to go natural during the day, it is good for those ladies who are working. Brown generally gives in a very soft look and it makes you appear presentable with that beautiful eye makeup, without shouting that you have makeup on. Especially with hazel eyes, brown eyeshadow looks amazing. For an evening wear, just add copper or gold or both to your makeup, as it will just transform the entire eye makeup into a superstar’s look.

Experiment with eyeliner

Never skip on the mascara and no matter what your eye color is, always stick with the black mascara, as it will never go wrong. However, with the eyeliner you can experiment. During the day time, try to avoid using black, as it will create a really harsh effect, go for browns instead. You can also go for other colors, when working with the eyeliner, you can go for purple, green and silver, it really creates that soft and funky effect – this can work for students who hate to carry it simple and boring.

Your evening look

However, when working with an evening look, you may use black to enhance that smokey eye look. Black highlights and enhances the contours of the eyes and the thicker you apply it, the more emphasized your eyes will become.  In order to lighten up the makeup and make the eyes appear brighter and open, apply silver or the color that you will use to highlight the brow bone, to the inner edge of the eyes. This will beautify the makeup and it will make your eyes less heavy and more gorgeous.

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