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Green Eyeshadow with Brown Eyes

how to wear green eyshadow with brown eyesBrown eyes work with all the palettes that are out there. What will restrict you from certain palettes will depend on your hair color and complexion. You cannot go for dark colors if you are dark skinned, as these colors will just blend in, you cannot wear really dark colors if you have really light hair, as your eye makeup will just scream on you face, so on and so forth.

However, if you have ideal combination of brown eyes with brown hair and fairly fair to bronze complexion, then you have it all set, you can easily pick any palette depending on the occasion and you will be off to go. Palettes from blue to green to purple to pink to browns work their best for brown eyes. Greens can come out to be one of the best results, greens and browns are match made in heaven, it can be seen everywhere in nature even. All the brown barks are well complimented with green leaves and it looks beautiful.

When starting off with your eye makeup, begin with a primer – this is a color less base which makes the eye makeup stay for longer hours, without creasing. After applying the primer, select you palette – if you are working with the green palette; go for dew as the lightest shade, dark green as the middle shade and sea green as the darkest shade. You can select your own palettes of greens, but you always need to select three colors when applying eye makeup – as it will help create depth to the eyes.

After the primer has dried, apply dew to the entire eye lid, starting from the contour of the above lash line till the brown bone – this will give in a uniform color to start with. After this apply dark green, starting from the lash line till the crease of the eyes, make sure to blend the colors over the crease to create a softer look. The last color will be the addition of sea green – apply this to the outer edge of the eye and gradually bring the color in, blending it properly.

One of the final steps will be highlighting the brow bone, this can be dew color itself or you could go for silver, light grey or any other light color, which will go with the palette. After applying it over the brow bone and blending the color well, apply the same shade over the inner corner of the eye, this will make the eyes appear open and bright. After this apply the eye line over the eyes, you may go for the traditional black or any other color complimenting the greens or you can use the green liner itself. If you are going for an evening occasion then black will be the best option, for enhancing those eyes. For daytime wear, yes go for color – black will make your eyes appear really harsh.

Complete the makeup with 2 to 3 coats of mascara, it is best to use an eye lash curler before applying the mascara – this will enhance the entire look. Also, never ever skip the mascara – it will always make your eyes appear larger and more open, necessary for those girls who complain about their small eyes – this tip will make them rethink about their size.

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