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Green Eyeshadow with Blue Eyes

how to wear green eyeshadow with blue eyesGreen with blues is a tricky business to handle, it has always been asked not to pair these colors together. Green shade makes the blue eyes appear really dull if compared to other colors; that really compliment blue eyes and enhance the natural color. The colors that really work with blue eyes are browns, pinks, gold, bronze, copper and blue. However, if you want to work with the green palette for the blue eyes, then have to be really wise about the shades you select off the green palette.

Start off with an eye shadow primer – this is a color less base that makes the makeup stay for long hours without creasing or smudging. After this allow the primer to dry and set – after these select three colors off the green palette. You should go for colors that are green base, so this way other colors will be playing along in the eye makeup and will enhance the look rather than dulling it out. Select three colors, starting from the lightest color to the darkest shade.

The first shade will be the base color, this can be green based silver shade – this will give in a shimmer of the green shade. Apply this to the entire eyes, starting from the lash line till the brow bone – this will give in a uniform color to work with. After the first shade of green, apply the second one, this can be any medium shade of green. Apply this starting from the lash line of the upper eye till the crease of the eyes. You must ensure that the line right over the crease is quite soft and well blended; you can easily do that with a blending brush.

The third shade can be sea green, apply this starting from the outer edge of the eyes and slowly bring it inwards, while blending it well. The third layer is the most crucial layer as this can easily create depth to the eyes and make the eyes pop. After this, apply eyeliner over the eyes, you can go for black eyeliner to enhance the contours of the eyes. Also, when applying the eye liner over the lower lid, start from the outer edge of the eyes and drag it inwards. Always apply the eyeliner till three quarters of the eye, starting from outer edge.

Finish off the eye makeup by applying the mascara; however, curl up the eye lashes before the application.  Curling up the lashes will create a definite edge to those lashes, also between each application you need to give in few seconds gap, as each application needs to dry well before the next coat of mascara. This will make the eyes appear open and more prominent. Also, if you apply an extremely light shade or the base shade over the inner corner of the eyes, then the entire makeup will look really light and enhanced. The eyes will appear bright and fresh, never apply an extreme dark color over the inner corner as it tends to make the eyes look small, which none of us would like to have.

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