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Green Eyes and Pale Skin

eyeshadow for green eyesGreen eyes and earth tones

Green eyes work really well with earthy tone and browns complement this color really well. We can see this color combination in nature… where ever we see the green leaves, it is usually complimented with the brown barks. Also, tones of purple, few shades of pink and green itself work well also. When working with green eyes, do not go for the blue palette as the palette will not highlight those eyes, it will make the eye color appear dull.

Check your skin tone

Pale skin is not that big of a deal, you can work your way around with it. With pale skin, make sure you have the right foundation in hand. When searching for your foundation, always check a small portion on your face, not the neck or the hand, but your face. The reason for this is that the tone of our hand and our neck is different, from the tone of our face. If you go for what matches the skin tone of hand or neck, then there are chances that after application, the result on your face might end up looking tragic. Also, you will be working with pale skin, so it is better not to risk it.

Tips for pale skin

For pale skin, you just need to add in color to make your skin appear brighter. For cheeks, do not go for a really bright orange blush, but go for more pink or rose tones, this will enhance the color, along with the cheekbones. Just do not go over board with the blush… you do not want to look like a clown. Also, you may want to apply bronzer, underneath your cheekbones, as it will define the look of your cheeks and will make them look more prominent.

The rest of your makeup

Then to finish off the makeup go for a bright shades of lipstick or lip gloss, in order to add in more color. What shade you pick also depends on the entire makeup. If you have gone heavy on the eyes then you would want to keep the lipstick light and vice versa. With heavy eyes go for the palettes that have been mentioned above; green shades work like a charm with green eyes. It highlights the color and brings out the natural tone of the eyes.

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