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Green Eyes and Brown Hair

eyeshadow for green eyes and brown hairThe perfect match

Green eyes are brown hair are a beautiful combination. When going for eye shadow, obviously the brown palette will work the best; however, here other factors will also come to play, like complexion and the tone of the brown, of the hair.

Your hair and skin tone

If you have a nice tan, then going for the brown palette will not be a wise option, as the entire makeup will seem blended with your gorgeous tan. However, if you are fair skinned then you can for sure go for the browns. Your hair color will also matter a lot. If you have darker tone of brown then you can go for more dramatic palette of brown, here dramatic would mean more intense. Similarly, if your hair has lighter shades, then go for a subtle palette – you don’t want the entire makeup to look over done.

The brown palette

The brilliant part of the browns palette is that, it can be work at any time of the day, at any occasion. Working women love this palette, it makes them look and feel beautiful within that office environment. Brown never fails to give in that soft and neutral look, which can be worn by anyone with any eye or hair color.

Other palettes that work

The other palettes that work really well with green eyes are soft shades of pink and purple. These shades just bring out the color of the eyes. Notice how in nature hints on these combos of shades. The colors of flowers over green leaves just make you want to admire the beauty. Similarly, pinks and purple eye shade gives in a very soft touch to work with.

Green eyes and green eyeshadow

Green eyes with green eyeshadow can never go wrong. It will not only compliment that eye color but will also bring it out. Smokey green eye shadow is the best way to go for, as it will highlight and make the eye color stand out.

Blue eyeshadow with green eyes

The color you should not go for is blue; it might sound impossible as both are natural colors and can work together, but if you really have to go for blue then be extremely selective. The blue palette just dulls out the shade of green, rather than enhancing it. The result turns out to be gloomy eyes, which obviously no one wants; you want your eyes to be the best feature and wants them to appear open and bright. Generally, blue does not compliment green and if you have blue eyes, still the rule will apply that you must stay away from the greens.

Final thoughts

Green eyes are already to kill for and you just need to be able to pick the right shades that suit you. Always remember not to go for blacks in the day time, as it will end up looking harsh over the brown hair and green eye and alternate it with brown eyeliner. Never let go of that mascara, it is a must, after curling your lashes.

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