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Gold Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

how to apply gold eyeshadow for blue eyesSelect more than one palette

Blue eyes work well with almost all the shades palettes, except for the green palette. Browns, blues, gold, copper, purple and pinks work beautifully with this eye color – it brings out the eye color. The combination of gold with brown and gold with blue looks dazzling. You can easily create a smokey eye look with the gold color, but you should select another palette to work with as well

The first step

Here it is not necessary to work with the shades of one palette, you can pick and choose your own shades, like the base shade can be gold itself, the medium color can be midnight blue and the darkest shade can be black. Start off by applying an eye makeup primer – this will ensure that the eye makeup does not crease and stays for longer hours. Once this is set, apply the base color, which in this case is the gold color. Apply it over the entire eyelid, starting from the lash line till the brown bone.

Blend your colors

Now, apply the second layer, this is the midnight blue – apply it starting from the upper lash contour till the crease line. Blend the crease line well such that you get a blended eye makeup, without any harsh lines. The last color should now be applied – this is black, this color will be used as contouring color, start applying it over the outer edge of the eye and blend it slowly inwards. This color will give in depth to the entire eyes. It should also be extended over the lower lash line, in order to further intensify the effect.

Apply eyeliner

Apply black kohl pencil over the waterline of the eyes. This is to ensure that no black spots are left inside the eyes. Apply black eyeliner over the upper and lower contours of the lash line, always extend the eyeliner away from the eyelids, this will create a further depth to the eyes. When applying eyeliner to the bottom lash, make sure to apply it only three quarters of the eye starting from outwards, if you apply it inwards of the eyes as well, then the eyes will end up looking really small. The alternate should be application of the base color over the left out one fourth area – here it is the gold color, so that should be applied. With gold application the entire eyes will look light, bright and enhanced.

Use mascara to finish your look

Complete the makeup with mascara, first use an eye lash curler in order to curl up the lashes. Once this is done, then apply good coats of mascara — go for two to three coats. You must always leave small fraction of time between applications, as you should let the coats dry first, before the next application. You can go for fake lashes but try not to make the entire makeup look too heavy, as the fake lashes have the tendency to do so – if this happens you can always trim then down, to bring out a more subtle, yet prominent look.

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