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Finding the Best Mascara

How to Find the Best MascaraChoosing the best  mascara is overwhelming. The beauty market has a wide range of mascaras. Lengthening mascara, waterproof mascara, and voluminous mascaras.

What kind of lashes do you have

You need to choose a mascara according to your needs. Firstly lets start of with the lash type.

If you have shorter thin lashes you may have to choose a mascara that lengthens and creates volume to your lashes. Comb and brush mascara is used in this case.

If you have longer thin lashes, you want to choose a mascara that gives thickness to your lashes. Mascara that contains polymers gives a thicker look to the lashes, because they are too creamy and waxy.

If you have shorter thick lashes then you want to choose a mascara that lengthens your lashes.

Waterproof mascara

If you are into sports and water sports related activities or any activity that makes you sweat, you want to choose a mascara that is waterproof, to avoid mascara from running down and smudging. On removal of waterproof mascara you want to use an eye makeup remover or a makeup remover to get them off your lashes. Too much rubbing of the lashes might lead to fine lines in the future.

If you are into normal activity that makes you not sweat or sweat a little. Then you may choose a water-soluble mascara.  It is easy to remove a water-soluble mascara. Just use some luke warm water with a normal facial soap or facial liquid will do. They just wash away.

The applicator

The applicator of the mascara or “wand” is to be chosen wisely. Wands that are shorter and tightly packed are used when you want to create volume, the opposite of the same is used for lengthening the lashes.

There are wands that come with comb and brush, they bring volume and length to the lashes. Where you first brush and then you comb like the one from Clinique.

Curved shape wands are mainly used to achieve curled up look to the lashes.

Applying mascara to your lowers lashes

If you want to apply mascara to your lower lashes, then you want to choose a mascara that is water proof to avoid running downs and smudging. Clinique’s mascara for bottom lashes is the perfect match.

Try before you buy

Always remember to try the mascara first and then buy them. Colored mascaras are great for occasional use. But not a perfect match for daily wears. They sometimes create a weird look to the lashes. Buy mascaras that suit your hair color.

Mascara tips

  • If you want to your lashes to look like a pro, then you’ll want to buy a primer, a lash primer according to your needs.
  • Some primers help the lashes to stay curled, some lengthens the lashes, and some helps the mascara from flaking away.
  • On application of the primer you may use less of the mascara.
  • Never buy mascara that tends to clump easily because you don’t want to have clumps of mascara on your eyelashes.

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