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Eyeshadow Without Primer

How to Apply Eyeshadow Without PrimerUse concealer or foundation

You should use a primer if you want your eye makeup to stay for long hours. However, if you do not want to use it or it is unavailable, then you may want to go for a concealer or a foundation, over the eyes. You will need to blend it extremely well, before any shade is applied.

Starting with concealer

Start with applying concealer over the eyes, but do not apply a lot of it, otherwise it will look cakey. Once you have applied it, start blending it with your fingertips, gently. You may use a sponge for spreading the concealer and evening it out. After the concealer is applied, apply an eye base cream. Cream bases also work like the primer; however, it has color in it, as compared to the primer which is transparent. After application of the cream base all over the eyes, match a similar color eye shade and apply it coating the cream base.

Applying powder or compact eyeshadow

You need to apply powder or compact eyeshadow matching the cream color base; this will ensure that the entire base sets, before your start off with the eye makeup. The cream base will also act as your first base color of the palette, which is supposed to be the lightest. When selecting the makeup palette, always select three colors – the lightest, the medium shade and the darkest.

The cream base comes in different colors, you may chose whichever you like, however you need to have the same color eye shade as well. After this, start with the mid tone shade, in the selected palette and apply it over the eyelid, starting from the lash line till the crease. Now it is time for the darkest tone, use it over the upper eyelid contour and blend it upwards.  You can even use this darkest tone on the outer edge of the eyes to give an elongated effect.

Choose a highlighting color

Finish it off with a highlighting color, this again can be the base color applied, which is also the lightest shade in the palette or you could use any other lighter shade. Use this color over the brow bone and over the inner contour of the eyes. By using it on inwards of the eyes, you will make the eyes appear more open and bright. You can then finish it off by applying the eye liner, over the contours of the upper lid and the lower lid. You can also smudge the eye liner; remember there is not always a need for the perfect eyeliner. If you are using an eye liner pencil then a smudged affect will be amazing.

Complete the look with mascara

Complete it with coats of mascara, but even before mascara, you should curl up those lashes with lash curler. You can also apply kohl pencil over the water line of those eyes, to ensure that no white spots are left inside the eyes. Without the primer, the makeup will last for long hours, without smudging or becoming dull, with the help of cream base eye shadow.


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