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Eyeshadow Primer

How to Apply Eyeshadow PrimerApply your eyeshadow primer first

It is most effective if you apply your eyeshadow primer before you apply any of your makeup. Primer will just make the eye color more prominent and bright. Often we get disappointed at the resultant colors over the lid, as it appears to be so different, then the compact color that we see in our palette. The colors that we buy look so promising and when we apply it over the eyelid, they look really dull. To avoid this from happening, you should get a good company’s primer and begin with that only, before applying any eye shade.

How the primer helps your makeup

Primer is an invisible coating over the eyes; it creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup. It hides away all the flaws over the eye lids and makes the colors more vibrant. Imagine applying blush only, over a scarred skin, it will not look nice; you would want to use a concealer to hide away those scars, so that your cheeks get highlighted.

Clean up first

Before beginning, with the primer even, you must ensure that the eyelids are clean from any dirt and oil. After this apply a good moisturizer over those eyes – you need to keep those eye lids hydrated. After this, apply the primer over the entire eye lids, starting from the lash line till the brow bone. Ensure that every area is covered. You need to wait for a few minutes, after application as you need to make sure it’s dried. If you skip this step, then there is a possibility that creases appear after eye shadow is applied.

Applying the first coat after the primer

Once it is dried, apply a thin coat of compact powder, it will be better if it is of you use a color that is of your complexion. This will allow the primer to set it, without interfering with the eyes shades, which will be applied (as the compact powder will be of your complexion, it will give in a natural affect).

Make your makeup last longer

You can also apply a really light color; this could be the base color of the selected palette, over the primer to make it set. Primer will make the makeup stay for longer hours, without either smudging or dulling it out! So it should not be skipped. If you are going with the basic eyeliner and mascara then you do not need to apply the primer, if you are doing more than that, then please apply the primer, before any shade.

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