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Eyeshadow for Red Hair

eyeshadow for red hairChoosing the right colors

Red hair is a bit tricky to work with when it comes to picking up your eyeshadow palette. There are only certain colors that will highlight that gorgeous red. Shades like brown, green, beige and gold go really well because these shades compliment your hair color. With red hair, the complexion of your skin also matters. You need to be really careful about the color that you choose, as it has to compliment your skin tone as well.

Green eyeshadow palette

Your hair color helps you stand out from the crowd, so your makeup should compliment this feature. The green palette is the secondary color of red and yellow and works works well for red haired woman. You can start off with this palette by applying a tea green, as the base color. The second color can be the medium shade of green in your palette like either leaf green or pastel green, apply this starting from the lash line till the crease line, blending it properly. After this apply the last color, sea green, over the contours of the eyes and blend it upwards. Finish it off by applying an eye liner, if you do not want the makeup to look harsh then avoid black, you can go for a classic green eye liner as well. Top the makeup by applying mascara to those curled up lashes.

Brown eyeshadow palette

In a similar way, browns can be applied over the eyelids. The brown palette is a neutral palette and will never fail to give a soft look. This palette can easily be worn by those red haired working ladies, who always want to be presentable without making it look overdone. Brown works well with beige, you may start off with applying the beige as the base color. Then the second color which is also the medium color in the palette; should be applied starting from the lash line till the crease of the eyes. This color can be medium brown.

Finish off your look with a dark chocolate brown, just over the contours of the eyes. You may want to blend it upwards, for a softer look. Finish off the makeup with brown eye pencil (remember not to use black at daytime, as it will make your eyes appear small). Also, a general rule for red heads is that they should avoid using black as it will appear too harsh. Black enhances the contours of the eye and drags all the focus towards the eyes – not beneficial for those ladies who want their eyes to appear larger. End the makeup up with mascara, first curl up those lashes and then apply coats of mascara. This will make your eyes appear open and enhanced. You can go for brown mascara to top up the soft, natural look, however, black mascaras are classic and you can never go wrong with it.

Other shades like gold, which also works well with red hair, can be added to the brown palette, in the evening makeup. Adding gold just transforms the soft, natural makeup into the makeup made for Goddesses.

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