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Eyeshadow for Dark Brown Eyes

how to wear eyeshadow for dark brown eyesBrown eyes are bliss when it comes to makeup, as you really do not need to worry about the color palette. Brown works well with almost all the color palettes. The only factors that will affect the selection of your color palette will be your complexion and hair color. Well these two factors will affect the entire makeup, if you are dark skinned, then you should not really go for the brown palette, as it will just end up getting blended in with your skin color. Similarly, if you have light hair color, then it will be better to stick with lighter shade palette, as anything really dark will be too harsh against that hair color.

However, if you have combination of brown hair with brown eyes with fair to bronze skin, you really do not worry much, you just now need to select the palette according to the occasion and you are set to go. Begin the makeup with and eye shadow primer – this is a color less base, it is essential for the make up as it will make the makeup stay for really long hours, without those hideous creases. After you have applied this primer, allow it to set, once that is done apply translucent powder – this will again help in the primer to set and will give a firm base to work with.

For brown eyes, you can work with the blue, green, purple, pink, copper, bronze and browns palette. Whenever selecting any palette, always select three colors from that palette – this lightest color, the medium shade and the darkest shade. This will help in creating the depth to the eyes. First, apply the lightest shade to the entire eyes, this will give in the uniform look to the entire eyes, after this apply the medium tone – this will be applied from the lash line till the crease of the eye lid, this will again help in to create depth to the eyes. After the application, take a blending brush and blend out the color of the medium layer and the base layer, right over the crease – this is to ensure that you do not get any harsh line in the process of the eye makeup, as always remember the key to a good eye makeup is perfect blending.

After this, apply the third layer, this is darkest layer, start applying it on the outer contour of the eyes and slowly blend it inwards without picking up more color on the applicator. Again, there should be no harsh lines over the eyes, otherwise it will just look plain ugly. After all the three colors have been blended well, apply the eye liner, you may go for the traditional black, if it is a night time event, otherwise skip it as it will look too harsh for the day. After this, apply the mascara in two to three coats, first apply it downwards and then upwards – this will create the false lash affect. Never skip the mascara, as it will make your eyes appear open and will look prominent, this is essential for girls who have small eyes to work with.

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