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Eyeshadow for Brown Hair

eyeshadow for brown hairBrown hair is easy to work with

Brown hair is the best to work with; it is a neutral color in which most eyeshadow colors compliment it very well. You do not really need to be picky, when it comes to color palette for brown hair. Greens work the best, you can see it everywhere, especially in nature as greens are best friends with the browns. Other shades like blue, purple and pink also look beautiful with brown hair.

Your eye and skin color make a difference

When going out and selecting makeup for yourself, it is important that you look at three things; check out which color matches your skin tone, along with you hair and eyes. Eye color is really important, you cannot just ignore it. If you have green eyes, then avoid using the blue palette, as it will not really complement your gorgeous eyes, despite having brown hair. If you have blue eyes, then again no greens, go for blues itself – but you need to restrictive about the color range. Do not go for pastel shades of blue, unless you have really fair skin, as the pastel colors will end up looking childish. Go for smoky blue shade, it will not only look glamorous but will seduce anyone who looks at it.

Brown eyes and brown hair

If you are blessed with brown eyes along with brown hair, then the entire makeup selection process will not be difficult for you. You only need to be selective regarding few colors, depending upon your complexion. Hair color also works in the same way, as your eyes, if you have lighter shades going on, then you might want to go for the eye shades, which are less intense. If dark palette is used, then all the attention will be drawn to the eyes, which at times does not really become pleasant. The makeup should be such that it shows a balance between the dress, hairdo and the makeup itself.

Dark brown hair

With darker brown hair, more intense colors can be used, like black smoky eye makeup with good shades of black. Again your complexion plays a huge factor, if you have fair skin, again you might want to go light on those shades. You can go for extreme black smoky makeup, but try not to end up looking like a goth. With fair skin, gold and copper will look divine. Usually, it is suggested that with brown skin and hair brown palette should be avoided, as it will just blend in, however, if you are fair skinned then the brown palette will just get enhanced.

Neutral colors

The brown color palette is the best neutral palette to wear. This can be used in the day time and in the night time, perfect for both. There are no limitations to this palette and will always look natural and soft, good for working women, who want to look their best without over doing their makeup.

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