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Eyeshadow and Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eyeshadow and Makeup for Brown EyesUse colors to enhance your brown eyes

Brown is the most common color of eyes. When starting off with the makeup for brown eyes, one might think of being extremely careful with color experimentation. For brown eyes, the best eye shade palette is definitely hues of brown. However, different colors can be used; like shades of purple, green and blue. These colors will enhance the eyes and bring out a more intense look.

Shades of brown

With the brown color palette, you can start off with a light shade first –this could the lightest shade in your palette. Cover the entire eye lid with this color, to bringing out uniformity. Then add in the medium shade in your palette, over the eye lid till the crease of the eye, this will give in a soft, natural look. For more dramatic look for these brown eyes, you may add in the darkest shade on the eye lids. For day look, you might want to go more natural and for night a more seductive look will do justice. You can top your eye makeup with a brown stick eye liner – to give in a more regular look or you may go ahead with black, for outlining the eyes.

Using blue eyeshadow with brown eyes

Other colors such as blue is more challenging for brown eyes, however it also highlights the eyes. Start off with metallic shades of blue (nothing beats the metallic blue for an evening party!). Again start off with the lightest shade of the blue – it could be silver blue (works the best) and apply it to give in uniformity to the eye lids. Start adding darker shades, in order to highlight and enhance the eyes further. Start with a medium blue and start with applying it on the outer edge of the eye (gradually bring the color inwards without picking up more color – you don’t want your eyes to look beady, if you do have smaller eyes. You must leave the inner corner silver to make it appear more bright and open). You can add dark blue for a more dramatic effect.

Green eyeshadow for brown eyes

Another interesting shade for brown eyes is the shade of greens. In nature also we see a combination of green and brown and it works beautifully together. Similarly brown eyes can be teamed up with green, to give in an enhanced makeup. You can start off with apple green as the base and then add in leaf green for a more light effect. For a intense look, you may add in sea green to your eyes. Try avoiding using black eye shade, to give the eye its enhanced shape – instead use the darkest color in your palette. You may use black kohl pencil, on the waterline of the eyes to give in prominence to the eyes. To top it all use thick coats of mascara, to finish off the makeup.

Purple eyeshadow for brown eyes

Last but not least shade for brown eyes, is the purple palette. It works well with silver. You may start off with silver as a uniform base and add in move or purple to give in the desired look. You can add in magenta as well to add in more drama. Then you should top it up with kohl pencil and a very thin eye line over the upper eyelid contour. Last but not the least, good thick coats of mascara and you are done!

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