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Eyeshadow and Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eyeshadow and Makeup for Blue EyesBlue eyes have many options

Blue eyes can give in quite a seductive look and if the right make up is on, then nothing can stop it from being divine. For blue eyes, different color palettes can be used. If a more natural look is preferred; shades of brown, bronze, rust work well. If a more dramatic look is required then you can go ahead with blue palette itself- this will simply enhance your eyes.

The natural look

For natural look, neutral shades should be used. This palette consists of light and dark brown shades. This defines the blue color of the eye, as the focus becomes more on eyes than the makeup. This look can be carried out in a daily routine. If you have thinner lashes, then go for brown mascara in this routine – this will not make those thin lashes prominent. Also, for the eye liner for brown again, as black will just create an intensified look. Similarly, if you do have thick lashes, then you may use the black mascara and with that black eye liner can be used.

Shades of blue

If you have a fair skin with light hair, then try to keep a light hand on the makeup, if you are working with shades of blue. If darker hues are used then the overall result will seem overdone. With light skin, lighter shades will always works the best as it will bring out the color of the eyes. Also, the color of the eye itself matters. If you have baby blues, then again stick to a lighter hand on the blue shades, if you have darker shade of blue then you can experiment with a more dramatic affect. Metallic blues can also be a very good choice for the eye makeup. It has shimmery characteristic, which highlights the eyes well. You may use this metallic color and use it as an outline on the contour of the lower lid, again this helps in highlighting the eyes (if you have gone heavy on the eye makeup, this tip will help you tone it down and balance it).

Complementary colors for blue eyes

Peach or orange also work well with blue eyes. Orange is a complementary color for blue, so orange shade will simply highlight the eyes. First a layer of peach can be applied to give in a neutral color to the entire eyelid, after that orange can be added over the eye lid till the crease. To bring in a further drama to the eyes, you may add bronze to this orange eye shadow. Bronze should be added either on the contour of the upper eye lid and blended upwards or it should be applied at the edge of the eye and slowly brought towards the inner corner of the eye. Try to keep the inner corner of the eye as light as possible, try applying either silver or metallic sky blue at the inner corner of the eye, this will make the eyes appear brighter and more open.

Have fun with some purple

Purples can also be used, for a funkier look. You may start off with move color or a lighter color in the palette and then apply purple over the eyes. This look will be more suitable for evenings, rather than a day time wear, but if you keep a light hand on these shades, then who knows you may be are able to carry it off in the daylight!

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