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Everyday Makeup Tips and Ideas

Makeup Tips and Ideas

How to cover up your imperfections

The best cover up for any imperfection on the face is makeup; it not only does that, but also enhances your features. With the knowledge of the right way of doing the makeup, one can easily convert themselves from a simple girl to a ravishing diva.  Makeup is best learned through experimentation, you need to know what colors go with your complexion and features. Always remember, if you see your best friend wearing a blue eye shade and she is looking stunning, then that does not mean you will look the same. Every face has their benefits and flaws, you just need to know your strong points and know how to highlight them.

Practice your makeup skills

Makeup can work beautifully well or it can just be a disaster, which is why it is said practice before the big evening, so that you know “the dos and the donts”. Before starting off the makeup regime, you must cleanse your skin, as there are chances of bacteria clogging your pores – result acne! After that, apply moisturizer, one single moisturizer does not work for all skin types, you must know yours and purchase that moisturizer which benefits your skin. After the basics, foundation can be applied; the common mistake that all of us do while purchasing foundation; is that we test it on our hands. The skin on our hands is never the same tone as our face; the foundation that might look natural on the hands will always show bad results on the face. Solution is to test it on the jawbone first, to see which foundation works for you the best.

Concealing your breakout, blemish, or bad acne

If you want to use concealer to hide a breakout, blemish or bad acne, then do it before the foundation and apply it only where necessary (it is not your foundation so do not go too heavy with it, just conceal imperfections). Also apply foundation to your lips, this will ensure that the lip color stays for a longer period of time. One tip is, before you start going heavy on the eyes, apply a little bit of color to you lips this will then tell you the amount of eye shadow you require. Often we start off the eye makeup first and end up going really heavy on it, this inevitably leads to nude lips – if you want color on your lips then the above tip will be helpful.

Easy eye makeup tips

For eye makeup you must apply the eye shadow base first and then start working, if it is unavailable, then go for that concealer. Always apply three shades to your eyes, in order to enhance them. Going for black eyeliner in the morning could be a bit of a disadvantage, many of us might thing that it brings out the shape of the eye – instead it makes the eye look more shrunk. Always go for other colors, brown could be a good option (never apply black liner under the eye, it will make the eyes look tired – rather apply silver or white powder just on the eye contour of the lower lid to make it appear more open and bright).

Making your makeup perfect

Do not worry about the loose powder on the cheeks after the eye makeup, it can be dusted off easily, just take a thick brush and with light hands dust it off. Never rub it with your fingertips, it will settle in the powder on your skin, giving you a raccoon effect. Also, when doing the eye makeup, always keep cotton swaps with eye makeup remover to get rid of last minute imperfections. Again if eyes are heavy go for more natural tones for the cheeks and the lips. If you want fresh, red lips look, then try to keep your eye makeup in a more neutral zone. Having smokey eyes with red lip just becomes too-much-on-the-face-competition.

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