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How To Do Emo MakeupWant an emo look?

Emo makeup is really simple and not many products are required for this. You may start off with the basic cleansing of the face before starting off with any makeup. After this apply a good moisturizer, in order to keep your skin hydrated. After the basic ritual, foundation should be applied (remember foundation should be used only 2 to 3 shades lighter than your skin, if a further lighter shade is used, then you may seem washed out) to the entire face – do not forget the neck.

Quick tips

If you have an oily skin or sweat easily, then rather than applying foundation on your eyes, apply primer – this will keep your makeup from smudging. After base is applied, use mineral powder over the entire face, if unavailable then you may use compact powder, however, mineral powder keeps the eye makeup in its place.  Also, be sure to apply this powder underneath your eye, as you do not want it to completely spread underneath the eye.

Start with some eyeliner

Now the fun begins, start with a stick eye liner as it smudges well compared to a liquid eye liner. Start applying it over the eye lids and cover the entire eye lid till the crease (you may go over the crease – it’s your personal preference completely). Then apply cream black eye shadow over the stick eye liner, this creates a well smudged makeup, which looks nice. Then apply dark blue or black eye shadow – again will help you blend the eye liner and will create a smeared affect.  The key is just to blend in all the layers, if it isn’t blended well, then the result looks repulsive.

Liquid eyeliner

The final touch is of liquid eye liner and mascara, apply liquid eye liner over the contour of the top eye lid, you may extend it outwards giving a more cat like eye. Then apply coats of mascara, to give in a more volume affect. Always apply the mascara in a downward direction first and then in an upward direction – this will give in a fake lash affect, also you may use fake lashes itself.

Final touches for the emo look

Eye liner should also be applied on the lower lid and smudged outwards. Stick is a good smudging tool. This makeup is all about getting a skillful smudged affect; you need a lot of practice before you start perfecting the makeup. You have to make sure, that the eye makeup is symmetrical (same on both the eyes).  Eye liner stick or kohl  pencil may be applied on the waterline of the eye– this will intensify the look and add on to the perfect emo makeup.

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