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Choosing Good Eyeliner

How To Choose Good EyelinerChoosing the best and correct eyeliner is overwhelming. There are hundreds of eyeliner products out in the market.

Before buying eyeliner you need to ask yourself these following questions:

  • Am I allergic to any preservatives used in the eyeliner?
  • What look am I going to wear everyday?
  • Where am I going to apply the eyeliner?
  • What type of eyeliner consistence do I need?
  • What type of brushes I would need if I use the eyeliners?
  • Should I buy a waterproof eyeliner or kohl?
  • What color eyeliner would suit me?

Sometimes when using eyeliners on the waterline, the inner part of your eyelids, your eyes may get irritated. So be careful, or ask a sales associate about it before purchasing them. Better to be safe than sorry.

how-to-put-on-eyelinerEyeliner pencil

When you want good eyeliners in a pencil form you will want too make sure that they are a creamy texture. Pencil eyeliners are soft and they just glide smoothly on your eyelids. Applying them in the inner parts of both your lids create a wider opened up look to the eyes. If you have oily skin then you will want to choose waterproof liners so that they wont smudge or smear away. Test them before purchasing.

Liquid eyeliner

When choosing a liquid eyeliner, they are sub divided into two different types. A few of the ones offered are felt pens and the others come in the form of a small bottle or tube with an applicator. Liquid eyeliners are used when you want to draw thin or thick lines precisely. On application you want just glide the tip from the inner portion making your way outwards. These forms of eyeliners are best used for creating cats eye look and sharp pointed looks.

Gel and cream based eyeliner

Moving on the gel/cream based eyeliners, you should always test them and see which suits your needs. These eyeliners sometimes do not come with eyeliner brushes, so it is a must that you have a proper brush if it doesn’t come with.

Different eyeliner brushes

After purchasing your eyeliner, you’ll want to make sure you have the right brush. There are different types of brushes out in the market, the bent brush, the angled brush and a few others. If you want to create softer lines you may go ahead and get a bent brush. If you want a winged or angled up look you may choose the angled brush.

At first it might be a little harder to achieve your looks.so you want to practice with your brushes to get a professional look.


  • Use primer before working on the eyelids.
  • Consult a beauty sales associate before purchasing eyeliner.
  • Always remove any eye makeup using an eye make up remover or makeup remover
  • Never pull your eyelids or any area eye, because the skin around yours eyes is very delicate.

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