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Choose the Right Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow PaletteChoosing your eyeshadow palette colors

We all love those dramatic eyes and to get those eyes, we all need to have the perfect color palette. Choosing a color palette for yourself, is the most crucial decision in makeup. You would want to have the maximum colors, so that next time you have a dinner date, you do not get lost at the fact that which eye makeup will go with that sexy outfit.

Neutral palettes

Always try to go for the palette in need, if you work in an office and you require something for work – then obviously go for the neutral palette. This will give you your enhanced eyes, which out making the entire makeup overdone for an office environment. The neutral palette has hues of brown, you can top it up with brown eyeliner – this will give in a natural, soft look. If you are thinking of using the same palette for an evening out, you might then just want to use darker brown shades for enhanced eyes. You may also want to dampen the tip of your eye shadow brush and then apply the color – this makes a richer shade application. For evening look you may go for black eye liner, but for daytime try avoiding the color black.

What colors are right for you

The color of your eyes, skin complexion and the hair color matters a lot, when selecting a palette. People with light hair and skin, should go for more shades of pink and peach. It highlights their eyes and brings in color to the face. Similarly, girls with darker hair get more liberty and they can go and experiment more, with darker colors. They can go for blues, greens and purple. If the skin complexion is tan, then both light and dark palette can be use, if a darker palette is used the eyes will become more prominent. People with blue eyes get a bit restricted; it is preferable that they use those colors that complement their eye color. Like orange is complementary color for blue and works really well as an eye makeup. Similarly, brown eyes get more freedom because of the color; they can experiment with more colors; like shades of blue, green, purple and gold.

Keep it simple

It is always good to have variation in one palette, but please do not use all the colors present. Refrain from doing a clown makeup! It is always better to have more light shades in a palette, over darker ones. As it is necessary to use more of light shades for highlighting and using it on the eye contours, to make it look more open and bright, dark shade can just be used at the outer corner of the eye lid to bring in the shape of the eye. If you want the same shade as in your palette (most colors do not appear as bright as in the palette) then apply foundation / concealer first, over the eyes, then start applying colors. The colors will appear brighter and will stay for longer hours!

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