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Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial

Brown Eyeshadow TutorialThe brown palette

Brown palettes for eye makeup are the best; it gives out an extreme natural look. It can be worn any time of the day, without making it looking too heavy and it is the perfect palette for even the working women. The shades of brown also don’t restrict younger girls out there from using it, as it can be worn by any eye color or any hair color it will still look great. However, when working with this palette just be sure of one fact, that you chose the shade according to your hair color. The darker your hair color is, the darker shade you can use and vice versa.

Pick your three shades

You can pick out the three shades from your brown palette, champagne or sand, mid brown and dark chocolate brown. You should start with the primer first,  because at the end of the day you do not want to have creased eyelids. Primer makes the eye shadow brighter and makes it stay for longer hours. After application of the primer, apply the first base coat, which in this case will be champagne or sand color. Always remember to apply the lightest color first, on your palette as the base color.

Applying your second layer

The second step to this make up will be application of the second layer; this second layer will be of mid brown, apply it over the eye lids. Start from the lash line till the crease of the eyes. This will bring focus over the entire eyelids. Finish off applying colors with the last color on your palette; this is the dark chocolate brown which will bring out those eyes. Start applying it over the contour of the eye lid and spread I upwards, with the help of a brush. You may also start applying it from the outer corner of the eye and slowly bring it inwards.

Shades depending on your hair color

The entire makeup with look really well, with all the hair colors, if you have light blonde hair color then go for the brown shades, that will be a bit lighter like instead of dark chocolate brown you may want to use chocolate brown instead. If you use a darker shade, then the entire focus will be on those eyes against the light hair color. However, for an evening look, you can go more daring and apply gold as well as a second shade – instead of mid brown; this will give in a divine feel to it.

Using eyeliner to complete the look

You should finish off the make up with brown eye pencil, over the contours of the eyelids. Also you can smudge it up with a brush, to create a lustrous effect. There is no need for the perfect eye liner. You can apply the black liner at night, but in the morning go for the brown, for a more subtle look. Also, curl up those lashes with the help of the eye lash curler and then apply two to three coats of mascara. Never skip the mascara, as it will make your eyes appear more open and prominent.


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