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Blue Eyeshadow with Green Eyes

how to wear blue eyeshadow with green eyesIf you really want to work with the blue palette, then go for shades that are blue based – another color is usually mixed with blue to enhance the color. Simple blue should be a no-no.

Start off with a primer, this is a color less base – this makes the eye makeup stay for longer hours without creasing. After the application, wait for its drying – you may also brush translucent powder over it, this will make the eye primer set for the eye shade application. After this, start applying the eye shade – always picks three shades in a color palette.  When working with blue for green eyes – you can go for more shimmery blues rather than the matt ones. These will somewhat help to enhance the eye color, rather than dulling it out. Also, you can go for cream shades, which are brighter in shade and are smoother to apply.

You can work with silver blue as the base color, greyish blue as the medium toned color and purplish blue as the last color. First apply the base color over the entire eye lid – this will help in give a uniform color to the entire eyelid. Apply the medium tone now; start along from the lash line till the crease of the eye. Take a blending brush and blend well the crease line – this is to ensure no harsh lines are left in the makeup and everything is well blended.

The last color should be applied; this is to contour the eyelid and to give in depth to the eyes. Start applying this to the outer edge of the eyes and slowly bring it inwards – blending it. Once this is done apply the eyeliner, you can go for black to give in an intense look however, if you want to carry a day look with the blue color, then go for a navy or neon blue eyeliner either over the upper eyelid contour or over the waterline of the eyes.

Complete the entire makeup routine by applying coats of mascara, first curl up the eye lashes and then apply two to three coats of mascara, leave fraction of seconds between applications, as you should allow the coats to dry before the next application. Mascara is makeup’s best friend, it simply enhances the entire makeup and makes the eyes appear open and prominent.

Once you are through your eye makeup, you will see that the particles must have flown away over your cheeks and the face, you can simply remove the excess with a thick brush, always be extremely gentle with this step, as you do not want the particles to deposit underneath the eyes. The remaining eye makeup can easily be removed by an eye makeup remover. It is a helpful tip to apply foundation after the eye makeup is done, as then none of the foundation can have particle deposition over it and you can apply fresh makeup over it.

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