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Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

How to Apply Blue EyeshadowInterested in blue eyeshadow?

The trickiest eyeshadow color to apply is blue. If your colors are not blended properly, then no one can save you from having a clown’s appearance. Comical eye makeup has always been represented by the blue color, which is why it takes up a lot of courage to go ahead with this palette. However, if the shades are chosen wisely, then the result will be extremely seductive. Blue eye color works well with the blue palette and so do brown eyes; however, green eyes are not well complimented by the blue palette. The green eyes should go for brown, gold, plum or purple instead.

Picking the right shades

Start off the makeup by applying a good primer, usually the primer has no color – it is a transparent base, which helps your eye color stay for longer hours. If primer is unavailable then apply foundation over the eyelids, giving a base color. After this, let it dry and then apply a thin layer of compact powder over it, this will help the primer set. Once you have completed the basic steps and then choose your palette. It is good to choose three colors – sky blue, dodger’s blue and midnight blue. You may also go for navy blue or Persian blue or sea blue (these are dark shades, you can replace midnight blue with these).

Starting off

Start off with sky blue; apply it starting from the lash line till the brow bone. This will give in a uniform color to the entire eye lid. After this apply the medium shade of the palette – dodger’s blue over the eyelid – starting from the lash line till the crease. This will accentuate the form of the eye. To end the color application, top it up with midnight blue, start applying it from the outer corner of the eye and slowly bring it inwards. You can add in sea blue to it as well – it will give in depth to the eyes.

Accenting your eyes

After the makeup is done, apply silver over the brow bone as a highlighter — silver works elegantly with blue. After applying it over the brow bone, also apply it over the inner eye, this will make the eye appear more open and bright. Also this tip will help make your eye makeup appear lighter. You may apply black kohl pencil on the water line of the eyes. Use pencil eyeliner, if you want to further highlight those eyes of yours, then go for black eye liner, otherwise go for blue eyeliner and as it is pencil, it will be easier to smudge it, to give a further intensified affect.

Mascara to finish the job

Finish it off with thick coats of mascara, first apply it in the downward direction and then apply it in the upward direction. This will give a false lash effect and will make your eyes look prominent. To further highlight your eyes, you may use compact powder under those eye lids, this will ensure that your eyeliner does not spread and will highlight your eyes.


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