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Blue Eyes and Pale Skin

eye shadow blue eyes pale skinThe best palettes for blue eyes

The palette that works well with blue eyes are shades of brown, bronze, orange, purple, blue and few shades of pink. Orange is a bit tricky to work with, using this shade will also depend on your hair color, and if you have light hair color, then you can go for this shade, as this palette will complement the light hair color hue.

Other palettes to use

The blue palette also works beautifully with blue eyes; it brings out the natural eye color. Brown and bronze brings out a natural soft look and is ideal for all the working ladies who want to make themselves look presentable for an office environment, without going overboard with your makeup. For long lasting eye makeup, use a good primer – this is a colorless base, this will ensure that the makeup stays for longer hours, without creasing.

Three color palettes

When selecting a palette, always select a three color palette – light, medium and dark. The lightest shade will be the base color which is supposed to be applied over the entire eyes, starting from the lash line till the brow bone. The second color of the medium shade should be applied starting from the lash line till the crease of the eyes. The last shade which is the darkest shade should be applied over the outer edge of the eyes; this will create depth to those eyes and will make them appear longer. You can also blend in the darkest color by slowly bringing it inwards – without picking up more color on the applicator. Always remember the secret to a really good eye makeup, is perfect blending.

Pale skin and blue eyes

For pale skin with blue eyes, you need to work with a really soft look, as anything dark that is applied, might end up looking too harsh. You can go with pinks, purple and browns for this complexion. However, you can brighten up the entire makeup by adding color to the cheeks. Go for rose or pink blush, apply this to the apples of your cheeks and then add extremely light bronzer, right underneath the cheekbones, this will create a chiseled face appearance, which looks phenomenal, but do not go over the board with the bronzer as it can go really wrong, if you end up picking too much pigment on the brush. One helpful technique is to blow air over the brush after picking up the color, this will dust off the excess and you will end up with the desired amount, with which you can work with.


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