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Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes and Fair SkinMatching your eyeshadow with your hair color

Blue eyes with fair skin is an ideal combination for most of the women out there. The makeup that will work for this combination will also depend upon the shade of your hair color. If you have blonde hair, then you can experiment more with bronze to orange shades for the eye makeup. Similarly, if you are brunette then you can go bolder with the color palette… you can go with the shades of blue for your eye makeup.

Baby blue eyes

The best palette for your blue eyes is the blue palette itself, it works really well with the eye color. The blue palette enhances the color and makes your eye color look really seductive. Other palettes that work with this shade are tones of brown, bronze, orange, champagne, purple and few shades of pink. When choosing the eye makeup, you need to make sure to go for the color that works really well with those beautiful eyes of yours – the only way of really knowing is through experimentation.

Blue eyes, blonde hair

Blondes with blue eyes shades of plum, orange and copper really work well. You should always go with the complementary colors when picking out shade of makeup. As with blonde hair, you cannot really experiment with a wide palette, as it will not work well your hair. Also, with eyeliner, try to go for browns rather than blacks as you do not want a harsh overall look.

Options for brunettes

For brunettes, the case differs as you can go for metallic shades of gold, copper, bronze and brighter shades of pink. Metallic shades of blue really work the magic with the eye color. With this palette you can go for black liner and highlight the contours of the eyes. You can finish off the entire makeup with a few good coats of mascara – never skip on the mascara as the entire makeup will then look incomplete. First, curl up those beautiful lashes of yours and then apply two to three coats of mascara over it, this will make your eyes appear more open.

Eyeshadow for red hair

Red haired girls can work their way with copper and rust shades, try to use brown eyeliner to bring out a softer look. Again with red hair… black does not work really well. If you have the summer tan, then go for shimmery colors as it will really highlight your beautiful eyes, also if you add a shimmer shade of silver or light grey over the inner corner of the eye, this will make your eyes appear bright and fresh. This is a good tip for daytime makeup.

Highlight the features of your fair skin

Fair skin is an added compliment for those blue eyes, all now you need to do is highlight the features. You may want to go for a light rose/pink blush to highlight the cheeks and bring in glow to those cheeks. Also, for the lip color you may go for a really soft pink shade or soft shade of brown, in order to bring out a really soft and natural look. It is important to work on your entire makeup, for your particular desired look. For a daytime look go really light, as anything too dark will look really harsh.  If you’re going out at night, you can go really bold and wild!


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