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Applying Mascara

How to Apply MascaraWhat type of eyelashes do you have?

At first you want to choose the mascara that suits your needs. Some people have long thin lashes, short thick lashes or long thick lashes (the lucky ones).

Preparing your makeup

Now that you are done choosing your mascara, lets begin with how to apply them onto your lashes. There are many ways to apply them. Before that, you want remove the excess formula from the wand by rubbing the wand on the rim of the mascara, this avoids clumping of lashes.

Curling your eyelashes

Starting off with, you want to curl your lashes using your eyelash curler and then you apply the mascara on your upper lashes. Later you apply your mascara to the lower lashes for a great look. Some girls use a lash comb after applying the mascara, this is to avoid the mascara from flaking away or smudging.

This second method can be used for a quick touch up, take a spoon and press them on the upward direction against your lashes if you don’t have a lash curler. Next apply your mascara and then use the lash comb to avoid flaking.

The third method is the business card method. You want to first curl your lashes using the lash curler else a spoon just in case you forgot to bring your lash curler.

The business card method

Take a business card or any card like sheet or material, place it behind your upper lashes and take your mascara and strike the lashes on the upward direction. For the lower lashes you place the same under lower lashes and strike the mascara on the downward direction. This method avoids the mascara from touching/messing your eyelids and cheeks.


Enhance your eye lashes

If you want to enhance your lashes use the wand in a vertical direction and swipe it onto the upper and lower lashes. An alternative to this is, apply the eyeliner on the upper waterline and lower waterline for that enhanced brightened look.

Dramatic voluminous look

If you feel you haven’t achieved that dramatic voluminous look. Then its time that you get yourself some false lashes. Before applying the mascara you want to stick the false lashes on the upper lashes or the lower lashes. You can cut the false eyelashes according to your needs. And then as usual apply the mascara, like mentioned above.

Old mascara

If your mascara formula turns to be thick then its time for you to get a new one else add few drops of duraline to it so that they get a little liquefied. A thick formula leads to clumping, takes a long time to dry and flakes away easily.

Eyelash primers

If you don’t work well with the lash comb then you’ll want to use lash primer. The best thing about primers is that they turn an uneven surface into a smooth and even surface. Applying a primer helps the mascara to stay in place for a longer duration and doesn’t smudge or clump.

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