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Applying Eye Makeup Basics

How to apply eye makeupThe best part of makeup

For some, it might be the most difficult task to accomplish. However, once you learn how to manage it then it becomes really easy. There are just few tricks to it, you just need to practice it and as well all know practice makes everything perfect.

Before you start applying anything

You must clean your face thoroughly. This is done so that you get a clearer skin to work on, also the bacteria does not clog the pores after the makeup is applied (if this is happens then there will be outbreak of acne). After the skin is cleaned apply a good moisturizer on your skin, which suits your skin type, if your skin is dry and you do know apply a moisturizer then cracks will form after the makeup is applied (trust me the result isn’t pretty at all), moisturizer should also be applied over the eye lids, it will prevent from creases in forming.

Build the foundation

Once the basic steps are completed, you can apply little bit of foundation on the face and start your make up from your eyes. For eye makeup it is highly recommended to use eye shadow base more commonly known as primer, this enhances the overall result and makes the shade appear brighter, also it will help the eye makeup stay longer. If the primer is unavailable, then face foundation or concealer may be used, it is an alternate and will almost work the same but the results will not be as great. The primer also has its own shade, for example some might be the shade of light gold or rust, this can be used as the lightest shade color of the eye makeup.

Three colors of eye shadow

There should be a selection of three colors of eye shadow, it will help you shape up the eye and will help you make your eyes appear more noticeable. The lightest shade (as mentioned before) can be the primer with its gold to bronze touch; the primer is applied to the entire eye giving a uniform color. The second color is the medium color in your palette; this should be always applied on the eye lid (one tip is to start from the outer edge of the eye and gradually bringing the color towards the inner corner of the eye, without picking up more color on the applicator), this will allow the inner eye to appear brighter (as there will be less color on it) and the eye will appear more open. The third color is the darkest color it should only be applied on the upper eye lid contour and slowly blended upward (again without picking up more color).

The final touch

The contrast of these three colors will make your eyes more visible and beautiful. The final touch is of eye liner and mascara. Depending on the occasion you can increase of decrease the thickness of both.  You can use more than one coat of mascara, to make it appear darker and longer (always apply mascara in a downward direction first and then in an upward direction for a greater volume). Similarly, the width of the eyeliner may change, if you are a lover of thick dark liner then go for it, otherwise go thin. Also, last but not the least you may use silver/peach/ light grey/ pink or the lightest color on your palette (other than primer), on the contour of the lower lid – this will again make your eye appear brighter and open, other than that if you have gone with a heavy eye makeup, this tip will balance out the composition of the colors.

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