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How To Apply EyelinerChoosing the right eyeliner

At first you want to choose an eyeliner that suits your eye color and the look you want to achieve. Sometimes choosing the right one is overwhelming, as you all know there are many different brands of eyeliners out there.

  • Pencil liners create softer and an intense definition.
  • Liquid liners helps in creating a dramatic look with a matte touch to it.
  • Gel liners create a precise and long lasting definition to the eyes with a wet glossy look.

Now that we are done choosing the perfect eyeliner. You want to use a primer or a concealer to make the surface even and hide the dark circles. If you feel that a tinted primer is too much for the lids you may try the translucent primer that just evens out the surface and makes the liner stay for a longer duration.

Pencil Eyeliners

Take your eyeliner and get comfortable to use them else you would end up poking your eyes if you aren’t a little precocious. Glide the pencil from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eyes. Let your eyes be half open so you would know how you work with them. Never go against the eyelids because they are delicate and it would create a rough line. Always remember to go along for a smooth and perfect line.

Liquid Eyeliners

Remove the excess formula by rubbing the tip on the rim. Excess formula creates clumps and takes a long time to dry. Before working with the liquid liner, use a pencil liner to mark/sketch the line on the lids. Once done with the pencil liner you want to use the liquid liner over the sketch/mark, this creates a deep intense look.dont open your eyes until your liner has dried up else it would transfer the line to crease and creates a messy look.

Gel Eyeliners

It’s the same as the liquid version but here you want to use an eyeliner brush that is bought separately. Remember to use a proper eyeliner brush that isn’t harsh on the skin. You may use the angled brush or the bent brush. While using a brush you want first create strokes, then trace the strokes and fill them. To create a winged look or any angled look, use your index finger or the ring finger to stretch your eyelids and glide the brush according to your needs.

Dark Eyeshadows/powder liners

You can even use an eyeshadow as eyeliner. When using the eye shadow, just dip your brush in water or add a few drops of duraline to the cake. So it gets a little creamy. The method is the same as the gel liners.

Eyeliner tips

  • Always remember to wash your brushes after application to avoid bacterial infection.
  • Keep your gel liner pots upside down when using them, because they dry up faster.
  • If your liquid liners are thick and clumpy don’t add water to them, just add few drops of duraline.
  • If you’re a person using contact lens then it is a must that you first put your contacts on and then start with your eye make up. Eyeliner should be used before the mascara and after the eyeshadow else it gets a little messy.
  • Never use liquid liners on your water line it tends to irritate your eyes. Instead you can use the gel liners and pencil liners.
  • For a more vivid look, glide your liner on the upper waterline. It gives a brightened natural look.


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